Recipe Vegan Lemon & Pistachio Pesto


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11 Oct 2012
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So I join the many making pesto with pistachios for the current challenge. This recipe is a fairly standard vegan pesto recipe. I've used unsalted pistachios throughout because I'd rather control my salt. It should go without saying that I'm using shelled pistachios but I'll reiterate it! It is entirely upto you if you wish to use roasted pistachios or unroasted. I used unroasted.

2 cup basil leaves (no stalks)
50g (~⅓ cup) shelled pistachios
3 tbsp lemon juice
4 cloves garlic
½ tsp salt
125ml (½ cup) extra virgin olive oil

  1. Add the nuts, lemon juice, garlic, salt and most of the oil to the bowI of a food processor and blend until almost evenly chopped. It is better under blended than over blended so stop early if in doubt.
  2. Add in the basil leaves and blend until evenly chopped.
  3. Decant into suitable container and ensure that the remaining oil covers the top of the pesto completely.

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