What did you cook or eat today (January 2023)?

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15 Jul 2019
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Tell us what you cooked or ate today. We love to see photos but its not a requirement.
A picnic breakfast as promised which included a coffee and grapefruit juice not photo'ed.

My first food of 2023. Pigs in Blankets using jalapeño-cheddar smoked sausages. Wrapped in puff pastry. A cajun honey mustard sauce for diping.

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I had some chips and queso earlier, but that was soooo last year. :smug:

That looks great. We have similar ones here to be bought at a bakery, wrapped in corn flour (mix of flours rather) pastry, and some mustard within the wrap, they taste so good, I took them really well.
My last snack before bed, at around 1 am was an apple, and the first snack this morning was a banana. Calming things down after a tiny bit of wild going with a newly discovered dessert and sweet potato chips.
These are the improved almond/egg whites/dates baked goodies (that are really hard to stop at 1). The original ones call for quite a lot of sugar, which I omitted. And the traditional ones (orasnice) call for walnuts, which I did a week ago, but I prefer the almond ones over the walnut ones.
Holiday extras, kind of. I had a box of panna cotta mixture, but I opted to do it with rice milk and coconut milk/cream, it did turn out very well. Topped with blueberries, but out of caution I only did half of the tiny cup at one serving, for me. My daughter liked it also.

Out of the leftover coco milk, I added a tablespoon to the egg yolks (left over from the almond sweets) to coat the french toast with gluten free bread, it added a richness and a flavour, that I like, plus raspberries and blueberries.


The yolks were very yellow...
I am baking a pork chop over bead of Sauerkraut for lunch today, daughter will have some sweet potato chips to it, a fresh batch, I will omit the chips.
Photo is mid-baked stage.
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Pork and sauerkraut is my family's traditional NYD good luck combination. I am planning pork tenderloin, sous vide and seared, with mashed potatoes and kraut.

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