What did you cook or eat today (June 2020)?


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15 Jul 2019
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5:06 AM
Ohio, US
How did it taste, Mr. Tasty? I love Havarti cheese. Never tried basil in an omelet before.
It was fine. I fried the onions and tomatoes for a bit, just a little char, then added those to the egg and the cheese, basil in at the last minute.

I haven't found a bad herb as far as eggs go. I used dill with the potatoes. Dill, thyme, oregano, chives, basil...they all work. I chose the basil because it goes so well with tomatoes.


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25 Aug 2019
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4:06 AM
Dallas, TX
No, but I only cook at 225F for low and slow. I recently (within a year) did a cold smoke by making a smoker out of two aluminum pans and a rack. Heavy foil on the bottom pan and wrapped the soaked and drained chips (these were drained for several hours before use) in a foil packet. It was used to smoke some sweet potatoes. Worked great.

Arg! My memory is getting bad.

Recipe - Spicy smoked sweet potato salad
I now use my A-Maze-N smoke tube to cold smoke. Before that, I used an empty coffee can with a hole near the bottom, with a soldering iron stuck trough the hole. Fill the can about halfway, and it smolders for hours.

It looked like this, empty...


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