What did you cook or eat today (May 2023)?

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So I've been out. Spark ( fancy name for telecom, cra cra) paid my account. Picked up some booze and passed a local takeaways joint.. had a hankering for vitals. Hot dog and a lasagna topper. Cheap good food.
Butcher is calling for leftovers plus some cake my wife made.


I had half a packet of chickpeas left over so decided to make veggie "burgers" (which should probably be called "croquettes" or "patties", not burgers). Since I've been a 90% veggie most of my life, this is one of the recipes I've tried very hard to perfect, and I reckon this is the closest I'll ever get. The "burger" works just fine on a hot plate, on a hot frying pan, but never on a BBQ.Veggie Burgers
That was Saturday and here are the pictures:
Veggie burger 1.jpg
Veggie burger 2.jpg

Still, yesterday (no photos) we had real burgers (ie. minced beef) and they were phenomenal. Cooked on a cast iron griddle with raised ridges, tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles, chips , mayo, ketchup - Heaven on Sunday night! Veggie burger 3.jpg
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