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What did you cook or eat today (September 2022)?

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Evening from Sydney.

Lunch today was the last f the chicken baked with lemon and some of the leftover nasi goreng.

Tonight’s dinner will be “dora wat” an Ethiopian chicken stew/curry with hard boiled eggs and some roasted broccoli. Normally we have it with baguette but tonight we are having a slice of Italian style pane di casa as that’s what’s to hand.

Going to grow feathers at this point.

Thinking fish for tomorrow.
Porcini “trifolati” (means sautéed with garlic and parsley in Evoo) served on polenta. My gosh - 45 mins stirring it. Next time I’ll buy a pre-cooked one. And a new arm as well


I grabbed a burger between work, errands and zoom class. It was an impossible whopper. Just as mediocre as a regular whopper and twice as expensive.
BK Kitchen R&D Supervisor (tastes Impossible Whopper): It’s…ok, but it’s missing something.

BK Kitchen R&D Worker: Try this one, it’s sat under the heat lamp for 30 minutes.

BK Kitchen R&D Supervisor (tastes second Impossible Whopper): Eureka! That’s it!
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