Whatcha drinking (2023)?

ALDI was out of pre-fab gluhwein, so I’m making my own:

It’s turning into one of “those” days - a little sumpin’-sumpin’ in my coffee this morning, then some wine, and now some of this, left over from my cabbage recipe:

It’s turning into one of “those” days
It's 24th December, so that's all right!
I made 6 jars of pineapple and ginger jam this morning and brined some guindillas (slightly hot peppers) and some pickled turnips that I found in the Lebanese store. "Breakfast" was some sourdough bread, Shropshire Blue and a soft French cheese called Saint Angel.
Wife made a huge tiramisu for tonight's dinner . (NOTE: Christmas is celebrated on the 24th over here, so tonight we leave home about 9pm and get back at about 3am). Then we sat down on the front patio, had a glass of wine, and contemplated the view.Avila 1.JPG
Cranberry sangria:


This is kind of funny - the recipe calls for a cup of Sprite/7Up, and I bought the shop’s own version, which of course has a different name.

I thought I was buying the Sprite knockoff, but I actually bought the Mountain Dew knockoff, which tastes nothing like Sprite. As soon as I saw that electric neon green pouring out of the can, I thought, “Uh-oh…”

MrsT tried it and said, “It’s…different. Good, but…different.” :laugh:
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