What's going on in your garden (2024)?

Well, those plants are in and the garden is looking so much better. Still need a few more, maybe pick-up this week then it will be done. We are aiming to be as bee friendly as possible so we have chosen specific plants.
Over night and this morning we have had heavy rain fall, not great in June but it is helping to bed in the plants.
I’m not famous for my green thumb, yet I’m still stunned by how I handled the flower bulbs I’ve planted a month ago.

We have four big planters along the front of the house. Three I clear out and add in new soil and plant new petunias every year, and one, I always just let it go.

Here’s the one I never fuss with, I don’t even deadhead it:


Year after year, up they come on their own.

I noticed in the back, where I have small pots with petunias at each corner of the herb garden, something was eating all the blossoms just as they’d open, eaten clean off, like someone had snipped them with scissors.

Turns out, it’s the rabbits, I spied one stretching up and have a snack yesterday evening.

Being the lazy sort, my solution was to get more pots, same size and style, turn them over and use them as stands for the pots with plants in them, hopefully putting them out of reach for awhile.

My guess is, though, they’ll just lean on them trying to get at the blossoms and push them over.

We’ll see…
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