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Recipe White Beans with Pork Tasso and Ham Hocks


14 Aug 2017
Local time
1:59 PM
Lafayette, LA. US
This is the first time cooking beans under pressure. I usually cook beans in a slow cooker or slow and low on the range.

1 lb. dried Great Northern White Beans - rinsed and sorted
1 medium onion - diced (1 1/2 cups)
1/2 cup diced bell pepper
1 bay leaf
3/4 lb. Pork Tasso - diced (Some Tasso is cured, some is smoked. The Tasso I used was smoked.)
1 Bay Leaf
2 Ham Hocks
1 1/2 Quart Chicken Stock
1 TBSP Olive Oil
Two scallions sliced thin
Salt and pepper as needed at the end of the cooking process.

. Set the Instant Pot to Saute. Add the oil. When hot cook the onions until tender. Add the Tasso and bell pepper. Cook until bell pepper is soft. Add the ham hocks, beans, bay leaf and stock. Turn off the pot.
. Cover the pot and lock the lid. Make sure it is set to Seal not Vent. Use the manual pressure cook setting. Set time to 35 minutes. Set pressure to high.
. Make a batch of corn bread or cook a pot of rice or have a glass of wine.
. When the time is up turn off the pot and allow the pressure to vent on it's own. After 20 minutes vent manually to release residual pressure.
. Taste for salt and pepper. I do not season before cooking. The Tasso is seasoned and the stock has salt.
. Mash a cup of beans to make the liquid creamy. If the beans are not soft enough to mash put the cover back on, turn on pressure cook high for 10 minutes. Vent manually.
. Remove the skin and bones from the hocks. Return the meat to the pot.
. Add scallions and serve over rice or with hot buttered cornbread.
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It is very hard to find even in Dallas. I make my own.


Keep in mind that tasso is a pretty strong in flavor. It is typically used more like a seasoning, than as a meat ingredient. I use it in a small dice in my gumbos and gravies.

If you use tasso in a dish, don't add ANY more salt until the end of your cook, then decide if you even need to at all.

DITTO - it is a seasoning meat. I do not add salt or pepper until the end of the cooking process.
The Tasso I used was new to me. It had a very heavy smoke flavor. In hind sight I could have used 1/2 the amount of Tasso.
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