Your most used spice/dried herb?


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15 Jul 2019
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Apart from salt and pepper, what would you say is your most-used spice/dried herb? By “most-used,” I’m referencing the number of times you reach for it, not the amount you use.

I would have answered that with either garlic powder or chili powder, but I’ve been paying attention the last few weeks, and I have to say, I think the one I reach for the most is…paprika.

I use it for flavor and for ornamentation, and it makes its way into soups, salad dressings, on top of eggs, mixed into dips and spreads, etc. I use it in one fashion or another nearly every day.

What about you? What’s your most frequently reached for spice/dried herb?
Crickey, that's a hard one.

Why dried herb? I don't tend to use dried herbs much at all. I grow a lot of fresh herbs or bale to the freezer when it isn't growing season, then the supermarket...

I was going to say garlic, but that again is fresh garlic.

So from my spice shelf? I would hazard a guess at cumin or coriander (ground or whole seeds). We get through a lot of both of those both in the frequency of use and in the volume used (which you say not to count).
I use granulated Garlic, Hawaiian Sea Salt, Oregano and then there's a spice blend/Rub company that I use alot.
I put in this Spice Rack that is 6 feet tall!
And there's still more in bins on the shelves of the kitchen pantry.
So do I! Powdered garlic lumps up & gets hard & I have to end up throwing it away!! :eek:
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You're asking me an impossible question here. I regularly use turmeric, cumin, chile powder, coriander, fenugreek, asafoetida, cardamoms, cloves, cinnamon, poppy seeds, mustard seeds and nigella seeds. The only spice I tend to stay away from is Jamaica Pepper/Allspice, which I find slightly disagreeable, and garlic powder/granules, which are way inferior to the real thing.
Apart from bay leaves, I generally use fresh herbs, the most common being basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, dill, parsley and sage.
Don't. Believe me, it's a total waste of time because drying this particular herb just kills off the flavour.
You can't buy just a little bit of this! You have to buy at least a bunch, & usually, it's just for one dish. To me, that's a waste also. Because it will have spoiled before I can get back to it!! :eek:
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