1. Puggles

    Keeping up on herbs

    I put some herbs in the ground about 3-4 weeks ago and I think they're taking pretty well. But I've noticed that my basil is wilting a bit, that can be a sign of needing water, but also a sign from over watering (root rot). Every morning I check on them and the soil appears dry (at least the...
  2. kaneohegirlinaz

    What Do You Do With Your Surplus Herbs?

    I have a terrible green thumb and can't grow anything here in Cowboyville Arizona to save my sole, well, very little I should say. I recently purchased clam-shell plastic containers of a few fresh herbs to use in different recipes. I couldn't seem to use up everything, so I went searching for...
  3. Puggles

    My herbs are dead

    I never really expected them to last as long as they did, (Holy crap my basil plants quadrupled in size). I assumed it's too cold for them to grow, yet I googled all the herbs, (oregano, basil, rosemary, and thyme) and it said that they are "cold weather herbs". I'm confused. Do you have to...
  4. msmofet

    New to you products

    I went to Trader Joe's today and picked up a few things that caught my eye. I haven't tried any but the vanilla bean paste, which is wonderful. I found the vanilla last year, and it makes a big difference in my cheesecake.
  5. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Aubergine Chips

    I came across a recipe for za'atar eggplant fries online and have based this recipe on that. I thought I had za'atar but couldn't find it, so substituted with other spice mixes, sliced and herb mixes. I'm using modern aubergines which have had the bitterness bred out of them, so they're is...
  6. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Burnt Aubergine Soup with Rice and Herbs

    I came across this recipe whilst looking for an aubergine soup and it hit the spot. I ended up modifying the recipe adding more spices but the end result was exceptionally nice. I've added some urfa piper flakes at the end. I also thought that a can of chickpeas would work very well with this...
  7. TastyReuben

    Damaged Herbs

    Question I’ve long wanted to ask…take a look at these fresh basil leaves, plucked from my own back garden: The one on the left, the dark spots were on it while still on the plant, so it’s not the usual oxidation from cutting a leaf, and I purposely picked it for this question…would you use...
  8. TastyReuben

    Your most used spice/dried herb?

    Apart from salt and pepper, what would you say is your most-used spice/dried herb? By “most-used,” I’m referencing the number of times you reach for it, not the amount you use. I would have answered that with either garlic powder or chili powder, but I’ve been paying attention the last few...
  9. TastyReuben

    How old is your oldest dried herb/spice?

    The other day, I went into the kitchen to make some cinnamon toast, and like you do, I started reorganizing my herb/spice pantry shelf (and rack). Now, conventional wisdom says ground spices and dried herbs, replace every year, and whole ones every three years (at least that’s what I’ve always...
  10. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Lamb sausage, goat cheese, and herb risotto balls (arancini)

    Lamb sausage, goat cheese and herb risotto balls (arancini) Arancini - Wikipedia Arancini derives from the Sicilian plural diminutive of aranciu ('orange'), from their shape and colour which, after cooking, is reminiscent of an orange.[3] This is my spin on arancini, an Italian snack food that...
  11. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Herbed lamb sausage (no casings)

    I adore the delicate texture and flavor of lamb. I acquired a taste for lamb just over the past few years, and I enjoy lamb the most marinated with olive oil, fresh herbs, citrus, roasted garlic, and balsamic vinegar. Some of my favorite herbs to use are parsley, sage, oregano, and thyme...
  12. Morning Glory

    Blistered Padrón peppers with green herb dip

    This dip is somewhat inspired by American ranch dressing but there is no buttermilk or mayo here. Padron peppers are a common ingredient for tapas in Spain. They are usually very mild except that occasionally you can come across a hot one. So you can play a sort of chilli roulette with this...
  13. JAS_OH1

    What herbs, spices, seasonings etc. work together?

    I looked for a thread addressing herb and seasoning combinations and only found an old thread from 2017 about flavor combinations (ie: mint and lamb, etc). I am really interested in knowing what herbs and seasonings go well together. Of course I already know some basics such as pasta sauce...
  14. Hemulen

    Recipe Tiny Tomato Buns

    Tiny Tomato Buns Approximately 120 miniature buns/cupcakes; serves 20-30 | Cooking time 25 min These savory buns can be served as snacks, appetizers or cocktail bites. Ingredients ✧ 1 kg/2.2 lb tomatoes (approximately 12 middle-sized tomatoes) ✧ 2 shallots ✧ zest of 1 lemon ✧ bunch of...
  15. JAS_OH1

    Herbs for lamb chops?

    Okay, so I know a lot of people use mint with lamb. I am not a fan of mint with meats. I generally marinade my lamb chops with EVOO and fresh rosemary, roasted garlic, and oregano. I don't have any of those herbs (fresh) on hand ATM. What I do have is fresh garlic, sage and thyme. Does...
  16. 6 Oz. Bag of Cilantro (Corriander)

    6 Oz. Bag of Cilantro (Corriander)

    6 Oz. Bag of Cilantro (Corriander)
  17. Baby Onions with Cinnamon and Herbs.jpeg

    Baby Onions with Cinnamon and Herbs.jpeg

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