What’s your favourite walk?

Discussion in 'The CookingBites Cafe' started by Wandering Bob, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Wandering Bob

    Wandering Bob Senior Member

    Once you’ve eaten your main meal – whether it’s at midday or in the evening – and perhaps had a doze, do you like to go for a short walk? Do you have a favourite walk? And do you take a dog with you?

    Where do you go? To the park? Along a river bank? Or do you take part in the passeggiata in the centro storico perhaps?

    Do you take pleasure in noting how the walk changes, depending on the season? If you walk in the countryside, what wildlife have you seen recently?

    Here’s a photo of one of my favourite mid-evening ambles. I’ve seen baby foxes along here, and three muntjac this May. In previous years, the hedge on the right has been a very good place to collect wild blackberries – and of course, it’s also full of birds and their nests.

    Pink road 3.JPG

    Let’s start filling in our world map of favourite after-dinner walks.
  2. MypinchofItaly

    MypinchofItaly Über Member

    Considering that I work in Milan during the week, my after lunch break is reduced to a little walk along the Navigli (when all is well) or only from the bar to the office way back. But I live in the province in a very green area, practically in the countryside, with the possibility of long walks after lunch or mid-afternoon usually with Sam, our dog. I like this place because often there are tractors that plow the fields, but there are also tall and beautiful trees and hedges from which often raises hares and some fox ... now that it is time to blackberries, the brambles are full and I like to eat them.
    There are fields cultivated with wheat, rye and other cereals, and it's nice to see the growth that goes through all the seasons. In front of my house there is a very big field, really nice, and next to it there is a small cobblestone street where I sometimes walk with Sam when I do not want to get too far. I will do some pictures of that surrounds me.
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  3. Yorky

    Yorky Uncomfortably numb

  4. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    All my favourite walks are on the coast - particularly around Ramsgate with its spectacular sandy beaches and bays. I just love the sea, the light and the open vistas.

    Sand on Ramsgate beach


    Pegwell Bay




    Woman in a red coat (Ramsgate)

  5. sidevalve

    sidevalve Senior Member

    Durham NE. England
    Me and the dog just wander down to the woods - but it's been a bit tricky recently as a huge branch fell completely blocking off the little bridge we use to cross the stream [can't really see it anymore in the photo !] branch.jpg branch after.jpg .

    On it's removal the size of it is shown by the state of the bridge - the 'bent' bits are steel scaffold tubes and the broken pillar is a reinforced concrete post :eek:
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  6. MypinchofItaly

    MypinchofItaly Über Member

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  7. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Midlands, England

    Leicester UK
    We live near a canal and the walks beside it can be lovely when flowers are in bloom, dragonflies with their vibrant colours. The meadows can also be beautiful :happy:
  8. Herbie

    Herbie Senior Member

    We are also near a canal and river. Love the walks seeing the flowers, birds and the odd rodent.
  9. Herbie

    Herbie Senior Member

    Places I know well. I'm from that end of the country. I'll post some photos of where I am now. No sea but some beautiful landscapes.
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  10. Karen W

    Karen W Senior Member

    Used to make an afternoon of it, pack up a picnic lunch like pan bagnat, fruit and wine, rather than after dinner, as some places close at dusk. Mostly, walked around the national forests or parks. My friend had several books of trails and out-of-the-way places to find waterfalls, etc. Runyon Canyon or Griffith Park became too crowded. People and dogs were bumping into each other. Also enjoy places like Descanso Gardens, with all the lovely flowers. Now I think they have a cafe for breakfast/brunch. Another place I like is the Japanese Tea Gardens.
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  11. buckytom

    buckytom Über Member

  12. CraigC

    CraigC Senior Member

    SE Florida
    We have several National trails in the US. The Florida Trail is one of them. It runs about 1000 miles and was developed to be done in regions. When I was younger and had time I did a couple of regions.
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  13. epicuric

    epicuric Über Member Staff Member

    Shropshire, UK
    I love the sound of your trails, which I always associate with Bill Bryson!
  14. Wandering Bob

    Wandering Bob Senior Member

    I was thinking the same thing, having just read Bryson's "A Walk In The Woods", about the Appalachian Trail. I started walking the Appalachian Trail back in 1984, north from Springer Mountain towards Woody Gap. Didn't get very far though....

    I'd guess though that the Florida Trail doesn't have quite so many hills ?? @CraigC
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  15. CraigC

    CraigC Senior Member

    SE Florida
    Not in the southern part of Florida, but when you get around Tallahassee there are some low rolling hills. Not much to speak of. But our natural springs are spectacular. I remember a trip to Blue Springs Park when I was around 14. I couldn't wait to hit that clear water on that hot summer day. I went tearing off down the path, onto the pier and off the end. The watermelons, 6 packs of soda in the water by the shore and lack of people swimming should have been clues.:ohmy: When I hit that water, I swear I was back on the pier with out ever getting wet!:eek: Ambient air temperature 98F water Temperature 72F. I guess if the air temperature was in the 50's the water would have seemed warm. I did not go back in that water again.:headshake:
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