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  1. J

    What kind of cream can I eat with cereal?

    Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal ad 1929 original vintage print 1920s boy illus. | eBay Every Time I see vintage cereal ads which tells their consumers to pour milk or cream on their cereal. I tried heavy whipping cream and heavy cream, it tasted like cheese. What cream can a 21st century...
  2. TastyReuben

    Recipe Honey-Glazed Snack Mix

    HONEY-GLAZED SNACK MIX Makes about 12 cups Ingredients 8 cups Crispix 3 cups miniature pretzels 2 cups pecan halves 2/3 cup butter, cubed 1/2 cup honey Directions In a large bowl, combine the cereal, pretzels and pecans; set aside. In a small saucepan, melt butter; stir in honey until well...
  3. Life Cereal with Honeydew Melon

    Life Cereal with Honeydew Melon

    Life Cereal with Honeydew Melon
  4. Life Cereal

    Life Cereal

    Life Cereal
  5. Morning Glory

    How do you like your Weetabix?

    Well - maybe you don't like Weetabix at all - but if you do, tell us how you eat it. In the UK, the promotion 'Any-Which-Way-A-Bix' invites photographs of favourite ways to eat the cereal. Since the prize for the 'best' is £10,000, I thought it worth a punt to make a few entries. So any...
  6. Lullabelle

    I like to mix my breakfast cereal

    I know not everyone has cereal but for week day breakfast it is quick and easy. At the moment I have Special K, tomorrow I will mix it with Sainsburys own brand of cheerios. Different tastes and textures work well and stops things from getting boring. I am also adding some blueberries for...
  7. Morning Glory

    Alt-right news website declares war on Kellogg's

    Who said food wasn't political? Alt-right news website Breitbart, declared war on Kellogg's after the cereal brand pulled advertising from site. Kellogg Company removed adverts from the site, saying that it wasn’t “aligned with our values”. Breitbart has been in the spotlight since it emerged...
  8. cupcakechef

    National Cereal Day - 7 March!

    Did you know the 7th of March was National Cereal Day in the States? Do you have a favorite cereal? Do you eat cereal for any other meals other than breakfast? When I was a kid I loved Froot Loops (not the healthiest...all those artificial colors and sugar can't be good for a person!) but...
  9. cupcakechef

    Cereal - are you a crunchy or a soggy fan?

    This probably sounds a little weird, but my husband is eating cereal right now and it made me think of it... He loves his cereal with tons of milk. I'd say the ratio is like three amounts of milk to the amount of cereal he puts in the bowl. For me, on the other hand, I barely put any milk in...
  10. DancingLady

    Multi-grain Cereal

    do you like multi-grain cereals? There are quite a few of them you can buy either in boxes or bulk. Many of them have many many grains in them. I often don't like some of the ingredients in those mixes and have thought about buying several grains I do like separately and mixing my own.
  11. DancingLady

    Millet Cereal

    I am gluten free, so I do not eat your traditional oatmeal or cream of wheat breakfast cereals, or most of the multi-grain blends as they all contain gluten. I recently discovered millet and have found it makes a delicious, and very easy to prepare breakfast cereal. All I do is take 1/4 cup...
  12. Jade

    Breakfast Cereal Discussion

    I don't usually eat breakfast cereals, but I try out some different brands of it from time to time and I also do still have my favorites. I recently tried out a new cereal and it tasted like chemicals/medicine. Not to mention they were so brightly colored that I started to wonder if I should...
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