cooking techniques

  1. TastyReuben

    Supreme/section oranges (and other citrus)

    I supremed/sectioned an orange today for our salad: I don’t do this very often, as it’s a little tedious, but I find that I absolutely love oranges sectioned this way - none of that stringy, sometimes tough membrane around the individual segments. How about you? Do you prepare oranges (or...
  2. bakedbeans18

    King Arthur Baking Classes Worth It?

    Has anyone here ever taken a class from King Arthur Flour? This can be either in person or online. Are they worth it in your opinion? I'm considering taking one, but not if it's just a recipe walk through as there are tons of free videos for virtually any type of baked good. What I'm looking...
  3. medtran49

    How do you poach your eggs?

    I saw this article about A Review of 5 Different Egg Poaching Methods in the news feed I get on my tablet and clicked on it. I think I'm going to try the No-fuss method when I make poached eggs for 1 of our meals this week. I already use a similar method for boiling eggs and it works perfectly...
  4. Morning Glory

    What are the top three reasons that you enjoy cooking?

    Do you enjoy cooking because you enjoy eating the food? Or perhaps you are a 'feeder' and enjoy making food for other people. Maybe you regard cooking as a creative activity or enjoy the practical and technical aspects. Tell us the top three reasons that you enjoy cooking.
  5. Morning Glory

    Is there a particular dish or technique you can't get right?

    Do you struggle to make light pastry or perhaps your soufflé is a flop. Does your home-made mayonnaise split? Is your béchamel sauce full of lumps. Tell us about your culinary Achillee's heel!
  6. CraigC


    Everyone has seen those skewers with all the colorful vegetables and meat put on in series. I've even had a few people tell me they have it down to a science to cut every thing to a size for even cooking.:headshake:I say, you need to cook each item on its own skewer to insure even cooking! What...
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