A croquette (/kroʊˈket/) is a small breadcrumbed fried food roll containing, usually as main ingredients, ground meat (veal, beef, chicken, or turkey), shellfish, fish, ham, cheese, mashed potatoes or vegetables, and mixed with béchamel or brown sauce, and soaked white bread, egg, onion, spices and herbs, wine, milk, beer, or some combination, sometimes with a filling, such as sautéed onions, mushrooms, or boiled eggs. The croquette is usually shaped into a cylinder, disk, or oval shape, and then deep-fried. The croquette (from the French croquer, "to crunch") gained worldwide popularity, both as a delicacy and as a fast food.
Mashed-potato-filled croquettes are often served as a side dish in winter holiday meals, such as Christmas. In fast-food cuisine, varieties exist without potatoes, but with cheese, beef, or goulash, often in a filling based on béchamel sauce.

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  1. Sweet Potato and Mortadella Croquettes.jpeg

    Sweet Potato and Mortadella Croquettes.jpeg

  2. Sweet Potato and Mortadella Croquettes.jpeg

    Sweet Potato and Mortadella Croquettes.jpeg

  3. Breaded Croquettes.jpeg

    Breaded Croquettes.jpeg

  4. Rice Croquettes.jpeg

    Rice Croquettes.jpeg

  5. Rice Croquettes.jpeg

    Rice Croquettes.jpeg

  6. Hungry Man

    Recipe & Video Mozzarella Potato Croquettes

    Mozzarella Potato Croquettes View: Ingredients: 500g approx 3 medium potatoes 3 tbsp -40 g butter 150g mozzarella cheese 2 eggs 1 cup all purpose flour 1 cup breadcrumbs 1/2 tsp nutmeg (grated) 1 tsp salt 1 tsp black pepper Frying oil Instructions Bake...
  7. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Turmeric Seasoned Salmon Croquettes

    Turmeric Seasoned Salmon Croquettes I had some leftover salmon that I had frozen last week and decided to make croquettes with it. You could use canned salmon as well. The croquettes were moist and flavorful. I was really pleased with the results! Servings: Makes 4 salmon croquettes...
  8. Sweet Potato Croquettes Pecorino Thyme Flavoured.jpeg

    Sweet Potato Croquettes Pecorino Thyme Flavoured.jpeg

  9. Making sweet potato croquettes Pecorino Thyme flavoured.jpeg

    Making sweet potato croquettes Pecorino Thyme flavoured.jpeg

  10. ElizabethB

    Recipe Fish Croquettes

    G came home yesterday with 2 gallons of Sac a Lait (white perch) fillets. We fried some last night. With the Dish of the Month in mind I had to try making fish croquettes. When I make something new I usually tweek it a few times before I am satisfied with the final product. Not this time. I...
  11. Morning Glory

    Dish of the month: Croquettes (any shape!)

    This month's dish is 'Croquettes'. We are interpreting this in the widest sense to include any definition of croquettes, sweet or savoury. Here is the classical definition of a croquette from Larousse Gastronomique: (the book goes on to list typical sauces) Please join in during August and...
  12. Morning Glory

    Croquettes - what are your favourites?

    According to Wikipedia: The Wiki page then lists types of croquette from all over the world. Do you make croquettes? What are your favourite kinds?
  13. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Salmon Rutabaga Croquettes

    I've made croquettes several times before, always with potato as the main ingredient. With Weight Watchers declaring potatoes to be Bad (due to high starch), I decided to sub out the potato in favor of rutabaga. Not surprisingly, this lightened things up considerably (rutabaga is 10...
  14. cupcakechef

    Recipe Japanese Korokke

    Japanese "Korokke" are very much like croquettes that we would have elsewhere in the world! They're a favorite of mine to eat but I've never made them. Here's a recipe I found online (original source here: Ingredients 1 lb...
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