duck eggs

  1. rascal

    First duck eggs.

    First ever trying these, Yorky got me wanting to try these. His bright yolks looked so tempting. Daughter was given two to try, she gave them to me to cook. White cheese toast bread and two poached eggs. S and p added after I took the pic. Not much white around the yolk which surprised me...
  2. Yorky

    Recipe Duck Egg Sambal

    Ingredients · 4 Hard boiled duck eggs, shelled · 10 Shallots, chopped · 6 Garlic cloves, chopped · 8 Fresh red Thai chilies, chopped · 1 Stalk lemon grass, sliced · 3 tsps Cayenne pepper · 1 tsp Ground turmeric · 1 tsp Salt · 2 tsps...
  3. tina122321

    Duck eggs

    I plan to start eating and cooking with duck eggs. Do you still use 2 eggs when a recipe calls for 2 eggs or do you just use one because they are bigger? I am also curious if anyone has ever served deviled duck eggs to people before and if it turned out good? Serving people food that is not...
  4. Tobi

    Duck eggs - hurrah!

    Yesterday I collected the eggs from the farmers' market and only when I arrived home and opened the box discovered they were duck , not hen eggs. Lovely, rich, creamy duck eggs. What a treat! They're delicious boiled - we have slightly bigger egg cups for them - great fried and super in cakes...
  5. Elementalmage

    Strangest Eggs...

    What are the strangest eggs you ever saw being called for in a recipe? Call me one-dimensional but I can't get any egg other than chicken over my lips.
  6. Onionman

    Duck eggs

    I've seen a few elaborate dishes mention duck eggs as part of their recipes. I've never actually ever tried one and I was just wanting to know how they compare to normal chicken eggs. Obviously, there's a difference in size but is there a difference in texture and taste?
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