1. TastyReuben

    What should I make with these ingredients?

    Ok, folks, I’ve got about 20 ounces of cubed butternut squash, about 14 ounces of cubed parsnip, about 10 ounces of pearl onions, and one of those 5 ounce tubs of baby spinach. What’re some ideas for using those in a dish? My first thought is some kind of soup, but I’m also leaning toward a...
  2. SandwichShortOfAPicnic

    Do you brown your meat before adding other ingredients?

    I often don't bother browning meat. I know they say it increases the meat flavour but I've done some side by side tasting and it made a tiny difference. Obviously that's different if the meat is to be eaten on it's own like with a steak for example. But I'm not really convinced I like my meat...
  3. The Late Night Gourmet

    Stuck for what to cook? This site helps you match your ingredients to possible recipes

    I found this purely by accident while researching possible recipes for the current recipe challenge: Find recipes by ingredients | Foodcombo If you only have rum, bread, black beans, and sugar, this site will help you find a recipe you can make. You start by picking ingredients in your pantry...
  4. B

    non-baking recipes. do you measure ingredients?

    short of baking, I dont. I just kinda dump and go. I find unless you really ventured off the original recipe, the final product isn't affected that much. I'm about to try to make my own HongKong style XO sauce and I might measure what I use, and take notes just incase I nail it on the first...
  5. Ramana

    Recipe Simple 1 Hour Dal Makhani

    Look at that dal!!!! Isn't it looking delicious and mouth-watering😋😋. Pulses play an important role in Indian staple food and you will find them in every meal. This yummy dal makhani is relished specially in Punjab and is eaten with butter naan, tandoori roti and even with rice. Ingredients...
  6. heisann999

    Help with buying American ingredients

    Hello, I enjoy exploring and trying out American recipes, but it can be difficult to get hold of the right ingredients here in Norway. Some of them are also difficult to order via Internet, because few American stores ship to Norway. And if they do, shipping costs are extremely high. I want to...
  7. Wyshiepoo

    Help with ingredients.

    Hi all, I'd like to tap into the knowledge of the C Biters collective. I have a recipe for tamarind beef balti. Unfortunately one of the ingredients is brown onion seeds. I can't find brown onion seeds anywhere. I can find seeds for brown onions but not brown seeds. I have, of course, got...
  8. flyinglentris

    Reading Product Labels

    Today, there are laws that food products must have labels which list ingredients, fats and calories. How many members actually bother to read those labels when reaching for products that they have never tried before? My last grocery trip caught me by surprise, because I do not read labels...
  9. T

    Recipe Five or less ingredients pasta dish

    This is one of my five or less ingredient recipes. A challenge every time but does means quick easy food. Should I be ashamed or embarrassed to use ready made jar sauces products? Not if used and added to make a meal simple. These do not cost a lot either. SAUSAGE PEPPER PASTA. Ingredients...
  10. S

    DIY from scratch recipe for Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen

    I love the flavour of the instant Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen 2x Spicy, but it's way too spicy and hot. Does anyone know how I can make the sauce myself from scratch so that it tastes exactly the same as the red packet one, or if not very similar but with only just a little hint of...
  11. I

    Unwanted or Undesirable Ingredients

    Over the past several decades, I have become quite familiar with the now world-wide spread of Endocrine-mimicking materials being found in foods, as well as water, the air, and the soil. Among these are the PCBs and DDT, well-known names, but few are aware that there are literally hundreds of...
  12. CraigC

    Recipe Maw-Maw's Slaw

    Courtesy of Emeril Lagasse from "Louisiana Real and Rustic" Ingredients 1/2 pound white cabbage, shredded (about 2 cups) 1/2 pound red cabbage, shredded (about 2 cups) 1/2 pound assorted greens, such as mustard greens, collards, or spinach, trimmed, washed, and shredded (about 2 cups) 1 cup...
  13. pinkcherrychef

    Do you have an easy simple pudding recipe?

    I decided I want to make pudding purely from scratch. That means no gelatin packets or stuff like that. Just pure old fashioned main ingredients. I've looked every where but I can't find one that doesn't have gelatin or one that is not all purely made from scratch. If someone here knows the...
  14. Morning Glory

    What produce/ingredients did you buy or obtain today? (2018-2022)

    We often get posts about ingredients or produce bought, received or otherwise procured by members. So, I thought perhaps we could start a regular thread similar to What did you cook/eat today (May 2018)? but showing or listing ingredients we bought or otherwise obtained. It could be your on-line...
  15. CraigC

    If you had the opportunity to get ingredients you have no access to, what would you choose?

    I'd kill to get my hands on langoustines!:cry: I've mentioned some of the regional chilis not available commercially.
  16. Morning Glory

    Ingredients for Bourbon Chicken?

    A bit of recipe development going on here as I'm entering an (on-line) recipe competition run by Branston Pickle. I thought Branston Bourbon Chicken sounded catchy and could work. Basically, I'm going to add a few blitzed tablespoons of Branston to a Bourbon Chicken marinade. I've been googling...
  17. The Late Night Gourmet

    The Wildcard Challenge: Blindfolded Ingredient Selection!

    This challenge is stolen from the concept behind the American cooking show, Chopped. On that show, each competitor has a mystery basket consisting of 4 ingredients that they don't know about until the round begins. Those who advance to the next round made the best use of those ingredients...
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