1. Fried mushrooms.jpeg

    Fried mushrooms.jpeg

  2. Mushrooms and potatoes with aromatic herbs.jpeg

    Mushrooms and potatoes with aromatic herbs.jpeg

  3. Mushrooms and potatoes.jpeg

    Mushrooms and potatoes.jpeg

  4. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Mushroom Cumin Salad

    This is from Dahlia Abraham-Klein's book, Silk Road Vegetarian: Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Recipes for the Mindful Cook. Page 89. All recipes are vegetarian and apparently gluten-free - a few do contain dairy (which can probably be sourced animal-rennet-free). This recipe was created...
  5. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Mushroom Curry

    This is (will be) a review of the recipe for Mushroom Curry from The Silk Road Vegetarian cookbook by Dahlia Abraham-Klein. There's a long list of ingredients here, but most of them are spices. Some I have had to grind myself because I simply didn't have or couldn't find them already ground. I...
  6. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Potato, Mushroom & Onion Casserole

    A recipe from The City Tavern Cookbook: Recipes from the Birthplace of American Cuisine, by Walter Staib. This one is on page 218. Part of the CookingBites Cookbook Challenge, #6. Herein, the recipe's author combines cookery ideas from both Mary Randolph (The Virginia Housewife, ) and...
  7. Funghi Trifolati.jpg

    Funghi Trifolati.jpg

    Mushrooms cooked in Evoo oil, parsley and garlic
  8. M

    Chicken, mushroom and leek pie

    hi all, looking for some advice on making a pie with leftover chicken. I have a decent idea of what i want. Thinking to fry some leeks and mushrooms in oil (want to keep it dairy free so not butter), then add some thyme then flour and stock and a bit of soya cream. Then want to use shortcrust...
  9. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Mushroom Brie Soup

    Prep Time: 15 minutes (the rest can occur while other parts cook). Cook Time: 25 + 15 + 15 + 10 = 1 hour. Rest Time: not required. Serves: 2-3. Cuisine: European Leftovers: Yes. Nuke or use stove top. Mushroom and Brie Soup 15 ounces / 425 grams mushrooms, I chose cremini/baby Bella...
  10. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Baked Sage Risotto with Mushrooms & Chard

    This is one of the recipes were making for the cookbook challenge round 2. We have the added complication of being away from home just too make life fun. The cookbook in question is Pure and Beautiful Vegan Cooking by Kathleen Henry. It's a book we have cooked the odd recipe from in the 18...
  11. morning glory

    Recipe Open Raviolo with Mushrooms (Raviolo Aperto con Funghi)

    Sadly, Antonio Carluccio died unexpectedly at the end of 2017. He was a great character with an absolute passion for Italian food and Italian produce. One of my very favourite cooking shows is Two Greedy Italians. Its very amusing, thoughtful and at times, moving. Worth watching of you get the...
  12. detroitdad

    Is there a Food That You Don't Like, But Think You Should

    I know, a long subject title, but oh well. There is one food that I don't really care for. I feel like I should because there is so much that you can do with it. That is Mushrooms!!! About 3 months ago I decided I was going to train my taste buds to like them. I've started cooking with them...
  13. Cinnamonita

    Recipe & Video Squid Ink Ravioli with mascarpone and shiitake mushrooms (video)

    So I'm a big fan of home made ravioli. I love the classic butternut squash variety, or an italian sausage kind of filling. I'm especially entranced by black squid ravioli, so I put together a recipe that I hope checks all the boxes for texture, flavour, and aesthetics for folks who like to put...
  14. morning glory

    Recipe Spicy Mixed Mushroom Pizza (vegan)

    You could of course use just one type of mushrooms here if you wish but the mixed mushrooms do look more dramatic. You could also add cheese of your choice in which case I’d put it under the mushrooms so that the mushroom shapes still stand out. I love the way the individual mustard seeds are...
  15. morning glory

    Recipe Mustard Kale, Mushrooms & Crispy Bacon with Dijon Mustard Sauce

    I discovered mustard kale at Ocado, the on-line supermarket I use. Never having tried it before I was intrigued. I’m not a particular fan of kale but I liked the slightly bitter flavour of this one. It did take a lot of cooking though, as the leaves are quite fibrous. You could substitute...
  16. Yorky

    Strange Mushrooms

    We came across these yesterday. They have no discernible stem and are roughly spherical about 10 - 15 mm diameter. Apparently they grow underground and have a woody taste. Does anyone know what they are called?
  17. TodayInTheKitchen

    Recipe Roasted potatoes with bacon, mushrooms and corn

    Roasted potatoes tray by TodayInTheKitchen posted May 27, 2019 at 2:39 PM :chef: Ingredients 10 Baby Yukon Gold potatoes (quartered) 2 strips of streaky bacon (thick cut) 1 pint whole white mushrooms 1/2 cup parsley (chopped) 1/2 cup Italian dressing 1/2 can of corn 1 tbsp EVOO 2 tsp of lemon...
  18. murphyscreek

    Recipe Roast mushrooms with parsley pesto, prosciutto, and goats cheese.

    Ingredients: 6 large mushrooms, stalks removed 50 gms prosciutto, cut to small pieces 80 gms crumbled goats cheese 1 large bunch parsley (large part of stalks removed) 4 cloves garlic 1/3 cup olive oil 1/2 cup grated parmesan 1/2 cup pine nuts 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 tbsp. lemon juice Method...
  19. Yorky

    Recipe Beef Wellington

    Ingredients. 250 gm fillet beef steak. 6 Shiitake mushrooms 4 shallots or small red onions 2 cloves of Garlic 1 tblsp Prepared English mustard 2 Bacon rashers, middle cut 1 Egg, beaten to a wash Puff pastry Cut. by Yorky posted Mar 18, 2019 at 12:20 PM Method Either fry the fillet steak in...
  20. morning glory

    Recipe Chicken En Papillote with Soy Sauce, Chilli and Mushrooms

    This is a super ‘low-fat’ and low calorie dish cooked without any oil. Its also super easy to make. If you want you could add oil to the papillote or you can add a drizzle of sesame oil before serving. Minus the oil the dish is under 250 kcal. Ingredients (per serving) 1 skinless chicken...
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