1. TastyReuben

    Gruyère News

    I’ve mentioned before on the forum the notion that in the US, we don’t really feel obligated to honor the origination designations that other countries are apt to make and observe. Here’s another one: US-made cheese can also be called 'gruyere', court rules
  2. rascal

    Kiwano fruit

    Social media could be boosting sales of exotic kiwano fruit from Te Puke
  3. C

    Good news only!!!!

    So many people here seem to be "down in the dumps". Let's all try to look on the bright side of our lives. Post only good news, happy things. No jokes, there is already a thread for that. Let's see if we all can find at least one good thing a day to post, no matter how small it is. OK?
  4. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    The News in food

    Not food in the news but the news in food. Ok, it's a bad pun, but the Guardian newspaper is now using potato starch instead of polyethylene wrappers to wrap the supplements in at the weekend. Progress finally from an environmental point of view.
  5. ElizabethB

    Musicians in the news

    Neil Diamond announced his retirement due to Parkinson's Disease. A terrible, debilitating disease. A loss. Fortunately his music will live on. Sir Elton John announced his final tour. I immediately went on line to reserve tickets for his NOLA appearance. NOT going to happen. Lowest priced...
  6. Morning Glory

    Dippy eggs in the news

    Pregnant women, babies and elderly people can now safely eat runny or even raw eggs under new advice issued by the government’s food safety watchdog almost 30 years after the UK salmonella crisis. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said it had revised its advice after a “thorough and robust”...
  7. Morning Glory

    Could you cook Christmas dinner for £1($1.24)?

    Figures compiled for BBC News suggest the average cost of a typical dinner for six has risen by 14% since 2015. Spending £64.25 on one meal will be out of the reach of many but, whether you can afford it or not, what's the best way to get a good deal ahead of the big day? BBC News spoke to food...
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