scotch eggs

  1. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Gluten-Free Duck Scotch Eggs

    Scotch eggs are seasoned ground meat of your choice wrapped around a peeled boiled egg, which can be semi-soft or hard cooked prior to the wrapping. Then, they’re typically rolled in breading, usually breadcrumbs. I went for coconut flakes instead. And, I used a large duck egg, which will...
  2. rascal

    Scotch eggs anyone?

    I've just made 4 scotch eggs, one for my mate butcher, two for daughter and her partner, and one for my wife's lunch tomorrow. I should do a double batch they are so popular. 450 gms of sausage meat gave me four, these are just out of the deep frier. Od love to cut open to show but I can't...
  3. rascal

    Scotch eggs for everyone but me.

    Ok my kids my wife and my friend butcher have been on my case for weeks to make these again. I last made about a year ago. I'm not a big fan but everyone else loves them. Boiled eggs rolled in flour . Plastic film laid out and dollops of sausage meat laid out, tomato relish middle of meat then...
  4. rascal

    Scotch eggs anyone?

    i make these periodically mainly for family and friends. Mg showed some eggs she stuffed but not scotch eggs,these come deep fried with a beef sausage meat wrapped around the egg. I put a wee bit of tomato relish on the meat to wrap around the egg. Russ
  5. Morning Glory

    The CookingBites Cookalong: Deep Fried Eggs

    Have you ever made a Scotch egg or any kind of deep fried egg? If not, then now is your chance to try! If you have cooked them successfully before, you can share your wisdom and cook along too. I've been quietly waiting and watching for a new Cookalong challenge to emerge naturally from...
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