sesame oil

  1. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Quinoa Poke Bowl

    NOTE: "poke" us pronounced "Poe-KAY". A poke bowl is usually made with rice, but quinoa certainly works. And, the fish used in a poke bowl is typically sushi-grade salmon or tuna. But, since we're changing the grain, why not change the fish? I used lox trimmings, which I can get from the deli...
  2. Herbie

    Recipe Salmon toasts and salmon cakes

    I thought I would try prawn toasts as I like them and don't think I've tried making them before. I make prawn or prawn and salmon chinese-style fishcakes which is a similar mix of prawns and egg. But I didn't have any prawns. 1 salmon fillet 1/2 beaten egg (mine was very large) 2 tsp potato...
  3. Morning Glory

    The CookingBites Recipe Challenge: Sesame Seeds

    Congratulations go to medtran49 who won the Recipe Challenge ‘milk and/or cream’ with a recipe for Chicken massaman curry and has chosen Sesame Seeds (including any of their products, such as oil, flour, tahini) as the next challenge ingredient. The deadline for entries is midday Monday 28th...
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