smoked fish

  1. JAS_OH1

    Hot smoked foods (fish in particular): advice please

    So last year in April for my DHs birthday I bought him a small electric smoker. He isn't a grill kind of guy in general (and weather in NE OH is so fickle that grilling and smoking aren't always easy to do) but I thought that with an electric smoker he might be more interested in trying stuff...
  2. FowlersFreeTime

    Recipe & Video Smoked Fish Dip

    For the first time ever in print/text format, I present to you FFFD: Fowler's Famous [smoked] Fish Dip A staple here in Florida, many people have their own variation on the recipe. This is mine: Ingredients: 2-3lbs Fish. It can be a white fleshed fish like snapper, but an oily fish like...
  3. Morning Glory

    Smoked Fish

    I love smoked fish - in particular smoked haddock, smoked salmon and kippers. Oh - and Arbroath Smokies (which are a type of smoked haddock). Do you eat smoked fish and if so what kind? Is it particularly a UK thing? What types of smoked fish are available where you are? Arbroath Smokies:
  4. Morning Glory

    Recipe Potato Cakes with Smoked Salmon (competition entry)

    I'm not going to claim that this is my recipe, although I have made them and 'yes' I do keep instant potato in my store-cupboard. They are very good and easy to make. A great idea for Xmas parties. You could serve them with caviar instead. Or for a vegetarian version, with pureed black beans...
  5. Morning Glory

    Recipe Beer scrambled eggs with smoked fish and goat's cheese

    4 Free range eggs Fresh Dill Cream 2 tbsp Epic Beer (Epic is a NZ brand, comes in six packs) (Substitute beer of choice) Cherry tomatoes Salt and cracked pepper Smoked Trout, in strips Sourdough bread, good quality to slice thinly Goats Cheese, good quality spreadable Beat the eggs in...
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