soy sauce

  1. Morning Glory

    Recipe Brown sugar eggs

    No apology for the dark, stark presentation here. I love the simplicity of these sweet and savoury eggs and will happily eat them as a snack on their own. You could of course, add them to a salad or serve them Asian style, in pho with noodles. Alternatively you could place them with their...
  2. Hawaii-Style Fried Rice

    Hawaii-Style Fried Rice

    I never know that there was such a thing, I just make Fried Rice they I've always eaten it back home in Hawaii. This round though, I finally found some Dark Soy Sauce.
  3. kaneohegirlinaz

    Recipe Small Batch Shoyu Chicken

    I make this dish often, it's a favorite in Hawaii, part of my comfort food repertoire. This has roots from Japanese folks that migrated to Hawaii to work the Sugar and Pineapple plantations. Like most other people, everyone brings with them recipes from back home and then tinkers with them to...
  4. kaneohegirlinaz

    Recipe Pork Guisantes or Pork And Peas

    Pork Guisantes or Pork and Peas is a Filipino dish, very popular in Hawaii, and I love it. I've modify the authentic recipe just a touch. I used 2 boneless-skinless Pork Loin Chops that I can readily get at the large warehouse store, but you use whatever cut of Pork you prefer to equal about a...
  5. kaneohegirlinaz

    Recipe Hawaii-Style Spam® Fried Rice

    That canned meat called Spam® is very popular in Hawaii. "Hawaii consumes more Spam per capita than any other state, with five cans eaten per person per year—about 7 million cans total—according to Nicole L. Behne, a Spam senior product manager." (quote from WOW! I knew that we...
  6. kaneohegirlinaz

    Recipe Hawaii-Style Chopped Steak

    I found this recipe when I was searching the WWW for something different to make for dinner. I clipped it from the Honolulu Star Bulletin, circa 2008. It’s a different way to serve Beef Steak, whether it’s Flank, Tri Tip, Strip, Sirloin or Skirt. This recipe is adapted from “Favorite Island...
  7. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Asian sesame vinaigrette

    I decidedly don't like ginger, but for some reason I love it in this sesame oil salad dressing! It's a breeze to make and it's so delicious on crisp salad greens! Ingredients: 1/8 cup soy sauce 3 tbsp toasted sesame oil 1/8 cup rice vinegar 1/8 cup avocado oil or other mild oil 2 tbsp honey 1...
  8. Hemulen

    Recipe Peanut Sauce/Dressing

    Peanut Sauce/Dressing Ingredients ✸ 10-20 g grated ginger root (a thumb-sized piece) or 0.5-1 tsp dried ginger ✸ 2-3 peeled cloves or garlic ✸ 60-70 ml/0.25-0.3 cups/61-72 g/2.0-2.5 oz smooth, unsweetened peanut butter ✸ 40-50 ml/0.15-0.2 cups sesame oil (or 0.5-1 tsp liquid smoke) ✸ 30-40...
  9. kaneohegirlinaz

    Recipe Teriyaki Spam® Musubi

    Spam® is a wonderful thing, I’m talking about the canned meat, not that junk in your email box. In Hawaii, we make something called Spam Musubi (moo-sue-bee), it’s something like sushi, Onigiri. I knew that Spam® became very popular there during World War II, through much of the Pacific. The US...
  10. karadekoolaid

    Recipe Ketcap Manis

    This has got to be one of the most delightful South East Asian sauces ever; and there are many of them we´ve probably never tried! You can use it with wok-fried beef, aubergines/eggplants, shrimp, or as an extra flavour for sauces and soups. Ingredients 500 mls soy sauce 320 gms palm sugar or...
  11. Cold Somen Salad

    Cold Somen Salad

    This is a take on a Japanese-style dish that is served in Hawaii
  12. kaneohegirlinaz

    Real Wasabi - I'd Been Looking For This For A Very Long Time ...

    I had watched a You Tube video about real vs fake Wasabi Paste ... you know one in a tube? The only way I knew which was the real stuff was from a screen shot that I have been carrying in my phone for years now. I did a "Giggle" search and found it!!! My order just arrived... so let's try...
  13. Hemulen

    Recipe Chicken Bowl

    Chicken Bowl Serves 3-4 | Cooking time 25 min Ingredients ✧ 1 medium-sized onion ✧ 400 g/0.9 lb boneless chicken ✧ 400 ml/1.7 cups water ✧ 5-6 teaspoons white miso paste ✧ 2-3 tablespoons soy sauce ✧ 2 teaspoons minced garlic ✧ 2 tablespoons maple syrup ✧ 1 teaspoon minced ginger ✧ 2...
  14. Soy Sauce

    Soy Sauce

    Soy Sauce
  15. Yorky

    Recipe Stir fried chicken and honey

    Ingredients 4 tblsp Honey 2 tblsp Soy sauce ½ tsp Kashmiri chilli powder 1 tblsp Brandy ½ tsp Cumin seeds 450 gms Chicken breast Olive oil Method Mix the honey, soy sauce, brandy, chilli powder and cumin seeds in a jug. Cut the chicken breast into bite size pieces. Heat the olive oil in...
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