Nonprofit Virtual Cooking Fundraiser on 7/26!


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13 Jul 2021
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New York
[Mod.comment: I checked that this is a bona fide organisation (MG)]

Please join SNACC for a virtual cooking event to address food insecurity and support healthy habits for children in New York!

SNACC is an after-school food education program addressing food insecurity by focusing on cooking skills and community development for students in the Bronx. We are hosting a summer fundraiser to support our programming for the upcoming school year. With your help, we can continue supplying fresh groceries for our students each week, which they use to prepare nutritious meals for their families alongside our guest chefs. SNACC uses cooking as a way to teach children hands-on skills, strengthen family bonds, and improve food security.

Please consider attending and/or making a donation to support our virtual fundraiser with Chef Harold Villarosa on 7/26 at 5:30 PM EST to support our hands-on food education program working to address food insecurity for NYC youth.

Link: Give Back With SNACC

Thank you!
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