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  1. M

    Nonprofit Virtual Cooking Fundraiser on 7/26!

    [Mod.comment: I checked that this is a bona fide organisation (MG)] Please join SNACC for a virtual cooking event to address food insecurity and support healthy habits for children in New York! SNACC is an after-school food education program addressing food insecurity by focusing on cooking...
  2. bakedbeans18

    King Arthur Baking Classes Worth It?

    Has anyone here ever taken a class from King Arthur Flour? This can be either in person or online. Are they worth it in your opinion? I'm considering taking one, but not if it's just a recipe walk through as there are tons of free videos for virtually any type of baked good. What I'm looking...
  3. jennyb

    Cookery courses UK?

    I wasn't sure which topic this comes under so sorry if it is in the wrong place. Now I've go time on my hands I'm considering going on some cooking courses. I am thinking either one day courses or perhaps a short residential (budget permitting!). Has anyone got any recommendations for good...
  4. Morning Glory

    Will you sign up to Gordon Ramsay's Cooking Classes?

    Chef Gordon Ramsay, the notoriously acid-tongued British chef and TV star and producer, will unveil his secrets to crafting world-class cuisine in a series of video lessons slated to launch next year. Ramsay is offering the class through San Francisco-based startup MasterClass, whose...
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