Recipe Roasted Cauliflower with Romesco Sauce

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19 Apr 2015
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Spanish Romesco sauce is traditionally made with dried ñora chilli peppers. I substituted dried aji amarillo and habanero chillies but any dried smoky flavoured chillies could be used. In Spain romesco sauce is often served as a dipping sauce with grilled vegetables. It’s especially popular served with grilled Spanish spring onions (calçots). Romesco is a versatile sauce which works well with fish and meat as well as vegetables. My version uses very little olive oil compared to most recipes. Feel free to add more if desired, when you blend the sauce.


Ingredients (serves 2)
Roasted cauliflower florets (1 small head)
1 large dried Aji Amarillo chilli
2 dried Habanero chillies
22g slice of white bread
22g ground almonds
½ a head of roasted garlic
1 tbsp olive oil
200g tinned crushed tomatoes
15ml sherry vinegar
1 tsp tomato paste
Salt to taste
Toasted almond flakes, paprika, parsley or chervil and lemon zest to garnish

  1. Place the chillies in a small bowl and cover with boiling water. Leave to hydrate for at least an hour.
  2. Fry the bread in the olive oil and then process into crumbs.
  3. Lightly toast the ground almonds in a non-stick pan.
  4. Remove the chillies and chop into small pieces. Reserve the soaking water.
  5. Place the chillies, breadcrumbs, almonds, tomatoes, sherry and tomato paste in a measuring jug and mix well.
  6. Squeeze the roasted garlic cloves into the mixture.
  7. Process the mixture until fairly smooth adding the chilli soaking water as required, to achieve a thick creamy consistency, I used a stick blender to do this. You should have approximately 400ml of sauce.
  8. Gently heat the sauce for 15 minutes before use. Add salt to taste.
  9. Place the sauce on a serving dish and arrange the roasted cauliflower on top. Garnish with the toasted almond flakes, paprika and lemon zest.

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