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30 Mar 2017
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Detroit, USA
I think I mentioned this before, but right after moving here in 2004, I was in Walmart and went to the deli for some bologna.

The woman working the deli was breading and frying raw chicken, and when she came over to take my order, I expected her to wash her hands, but she just grabbed the big loaf of lunchmeat, started slicing, catching all the slices in her bare raw chicken hand, wrapped it up and tossed it to me.

I went straight to customer service, explained what happened and have never bought anything but the essentials at WM since then. :laugh:

But, how was the lunchmeat? I imagine the chicken flavor give it a special quality.


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12 Jan 2021
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The worst thing I had so far, was a hand full of hairs in a sweet yeast dumpling, that was pre frozen. That's not bad in total, when I think about the people who got sick from bacteria or have seen creepier things in their food than some hair.
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