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3 Oct 2016
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Nakhorn Nowhere, N. E. Thailand.
Can you show me the list of ingredients please?
I have a lemon tree and a lot of lemons dropping off tree because of drought. I'm trying hard to find a decent recipe for lemon jam that isn't entirely/mostly sugar!
Ahhhh, you need to make lime (or lemon) pickle.


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15 Jul 2019
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9:29 PM
Ohio, US
Early doc's appointment this morning, so I treated myself to breakfast afterwards.

Bob Evans is one of my least favorite places to go, but it was right next to the doc's office and I was hungry, so there I went, and this location wasn't so bad.

Still wasn't great, though. Those potatoes were frozen from a bag, not fresh, and the toast was a little underdone, but I've had far, far worse at Bob Evans.


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11 Oct 2012
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A Pom in NSW, Aus
Hope you can get them clearly since they are written in Italian

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Yeah, pretty easy, thank you.

Organic brown sugar
Organic lemons with zest
Gelling agent: fruit pectin
Acidification/acidifying agent (or more likely preservative): citric acid

Scorza was the only thing I needed to look up. (zest).

I learnt German (used to be fluent in all aspects), Latin and French were both compulsory at the school I went to and I've also studied a few years of Russian and Spanish as well. I could understand spoken and written Norwegian by the time we left Norway on our last visit there which was roughly 3 months long (but given we nearly moved there about 15 yrs ago, this shouldn't be a surprise), read Swedish enough to pick up what was needed (tenses not always there but hey ho) but Finish was beyond me other than basics. Not too much of a problem though because it's a dual language country officially, so everything has to come with Swedish on it, meaning I was fine...

So: 60g sugar per 100g and 45g fruit per 100g.
Yep. Hardly surprisingly the first ingredient is organic brown sugar/organic cane sugar... but it is also counting fructose and sugars from the lemons in that figure. Pretty typical though of most commercial jams or marmalades.
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