Small Kitchen Reno: Making Progress


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17 Jan 2021
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I put down the cameras for a few weeks and picked up the tools. My little kitchen has been great for just me, and I've put out some great food from it but it was time for a serious refresh. Since buying the condo, I'd been piecing plans together in my head and it was just time to start doing it.

I ordered the appliances first, all Samsung which will be new for me but offered tremendous bang for the buck. Due to supply chain things, they won't be in until March but I AM READY for them.

Counters: Ditched the granite and went to a thicker quartz
Cabinets: Refinished, they were in great shape and no need to replace. White up top and Evening Blue for the lowers
Cabinets 2: Wired up RGBW under-mount light strips
Kitchen: Painted in Decorator White
Floors: Deep cleaned/scrubbed and ready to seal
Pantry: Removed wall mounting system that came with the place, ditched the metric shelving and built my own set-up at a height that's more comfortable for my back . Replaced with wall storage solutions that work for me.
To Do:
Going to wait for appliances before I get into that. Just enjoying white walls for a bit. DONE
Can Lights: Will be doing color adjustable LED wafer lights, still figuring out the best layout.
Work Station Shelves: Incoming DONE
Work Station Stainless:
Incoming DONE
Range Stainless: Incoming
Gumball Machine Light Sculpture: base is off in powder coat, will be complete next week DONE

Onto some pics, starting with the pantry to work station conversion. It was a right mess, lol.
I made the bench out of Maker Pipe pieces, 3/4in EMT conduit and butcher block counter section from the local Lowes
Metal pegboard for hanging and leftover pipe into iron flanges for an industrial shelf.




So all in all, I'm tickled with that. MUCH better use of the space. I have large storage cubbies to the right of the fridge where my stand mixer and food processor can live, and plenty of room for other things. Shelves will be made of HDPE (1/2 inch thick cutting board material) for easy of cleaning and durability.

I am so pleased with the transformation. Everything is pretty much there except for the appliances. CAN light and backsplash will be pretty straight forward.

I can't wait to get back playing in the home kitchen!


With Lighting on
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Looks great! Now, get in there and mess it up..:p
When I was living at home with my parents and just starting out cooking, I'd make quite the mess in the kitchen and my Mother would get so upset with me. I didn't understand why, I cleaned it up all by myself, not to mention that she reaped the benefits of what I made!!!!
WOW! What an improvement. You have done a great job of maximizing function in a limited space. That is not an easy thing to do.
I worked as Kitchen Specialist at Lowe's for seven years. I designed and sold custom kitchens. I was very good at my job. Clients came in with dreams of a Better Home and Garden kitchen with no thought of function. Function was always my design focus. I developed a questionnaire for my clients to complete. The questionnaire focused on use of the space.
It is obvious that you have been planning this for some time. I love kitchen design that is both functional and attractive. The really great accomplishment is that you did all of this without changing the cabinets or the footprint of the kitchen. BRAVO!!
These were the parts to an old gumball machine I had.

Got about half way through the process when I remembered a local company that did some powder coating for some car parts for me, reached out to them and they were happy to take care of it. I'm tickled with the end results.

I've filled it with a bunch of small transparent ball containers and 2 strands of RGBIC fairly lights linked together as 1 group, and powered via usb and app controlled.


Powder coated


Globe filled and with lights, controllers and set up to run out of the back, The guts all live in the base.



Working ( you can also see I've started the backsplash project)

Stainless is installed behind the bench

Shelves made of HDPE are in on the work station, A LOT more storage than I had envisioned under there. Plenty of room for my stand mixer, processor, bowls, baking ware, all that stuff.

Stainless is in behind the range with ample coverage for the new one. Backsplash is in, waiting to finish off the edge where the range is AFTER the new one gets installed tomorrow.


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