Supermarket self checkouts, not such a great idea after all?

My best friend the dishwasher who came from Gambia to make career invited me and he already gave me a few tipps but I'm a paranoid person when it comes to situations I've not experienced that much.

Thank you very much for all the tipps and tricks 😊 👍
Ah well you have the ultimate in travel- a friend who is also a reliable guide. You’ll have a fabulous time!
The way Kroger does it is easiest for me - nearly all produce has a sticker on it; every apple, every onion, etc. Get what you want and put it in a bag.

When you get to the self-checkout, scan the barcode on the sticker, and it’ll either ask how many you have, or it’ll ask you to weigh it. Do that and it charges you appropriately.

Meijer’s version is horrible, enough to keep me from shopping there. You manually enter the code at a scale in the produce section, enter the number of items or weigh them, then it spits out a sticker you then scan at checkout…so scanning twice for the same thing. Nope!
My supermarket has neither. produce isn't barcoded. If it can't be scanned it can't be purchased in self checkout. I never leave the store without produce so I never use the self checkout.
Bar codes. You just scan the bar codes, unless it's veg. With veg, you look for the photo and click on it.
Curious. Our supermarket has literally hundreds of different produce items and has no scales at self checkout to handle those sold by weight. My conclusion is that my supermarket has approached self checkout in a half hearted fashion designed for those there to buy a few scannable items. I shop there for an entire week since it is a 30 mile round trip to the store. I assume they expect me to go to the tended checkout and they are correct if so.
never seen a self-check out without the scale being built into the device.
put the produce on the scale, enter the PLC code from the sticker, it calculates the price.

PLU's are standardized:
PLU Finder - Price look-up codes
It's common here because buying produce loose in a supermarket is rare. You are forced to buy a pack, no such thing as buying a single apple.
Produce that is sold loose has to be weighed in the produce aisle you get it from, rarely any scales to be seen!

Having said that they are supposed to be reintroducing it as a way of cutting down on packaging.
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