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Sweet and Spicy Twice Baked Sweet Potato

Easy recipe, but takes some time to bake.

Ingredients (for one serving -- multiply as needed)

1 Large Sweet Potato
1 TBSP Butter
1TBSP Dark Brown Sugar
1 TBSP Maple Syrup
1 Cayenne (or similar) Chili Pepper
1 Finely Diced Jalapeño Pepper (garnish)

How To

Preheat oven to 275F/135C. Scrub your sweet potato, let it dry, and rub it with some olive oil.

Bake your potato for around two hours, until you reach an internal temperature of 200F/93C. Take it out and let it rest around 10 minutes. Raise the oven temp to 400F/200C.

Finely slice a fresh cayenne pepper (or similar).

While your potato is resting, mix your butter, syrup, brown sugar and sliced chili pepper in a pan, and heat it over medium low heat. Do not start this step before your potato is done and resting -- you need to use it right away, as it will harden within a few minutes off the heat.

Cut your sweet potato in half, and scoop out all the flesh. Add your butter/sugar/syrup mix, and mash it all together.

Scoop the mixture into on half of your potato skin, and put it on a foil lined baking pan, and put it in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Take out of the oven, plate, and sprinkle your jalapeño pepper on top -- as much as you desire.


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