Recipe Tempura (Featuring Prawns, Yam, Sweet Potato and Jalapeno Pepper)


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Tempura (Featuring Prawns, Yam, Sweet Potato and Jalapeno Pepper):



1) Flour (unbleached) - 1 cup
2) Egg (cold) - 1
3) Water (ice cold) - 1 cup

NOTE: The flour to water ratio must be 1:1 and the ingredients must be cold, ice cold preferably.

NOTE: Tempura boxed mixes exist which do not use egg, but instead, corn starch. This boxed tempura batter may be used instead of the ingredients listed above. Use box tempura batter as indicated by directions on the box.

4) Prawns - 6
5) Yam - 6 slices
6) Sweet Potato - 6 strips
7) Jalapeno pepper - 1, cut into 6 slices

NOTE: Many tempura items are root vegetables or sometimes, mushrooms, onion and pepper slices. Meats may be used for tempura; prawns or shrimp is common, but other seafood items may be used, thick fish, scallops, octopus and squid, etc.

8) Soy Sauce or tentsuyu sauce - as required

NOTE: Traditional Japanese tempura dipping sauce is called tentsuyu and is a combination of soy sauce, dashi (a primary stock base used in miso) and mirin (a rice wine similar to sake). Given that outside of Japan, these ingredients may not be available, use soy sauce alone or mix it with a small amount of honey.


-- Preparation --

1) Remove tail shells from the prawns.

NOTE: If you have prawns with heads, leave the heads on.

2) Slice the yam and jalapeno pepper into 1/4" slices.
3) Slice the sweet potato into 1/4" strips.
4) Set aside the prawns, yam, sweet potato and jalapeno pepper.
5) Refrigerate the water to nearly freezing.

-- Batter --

1) Before starting the batter, preheat the cooking oil to 350F.

NOTE: The batter is best used right away after it is mixed.

2) Chill the mixing bowl to nearly ice cold.
3) Combine egg, flour and water.
4) Mix quickly, preferably with a fork or chopsticks.

NOTE: Do not over mix. Mix quickly for no more than 20 seconds. Over mixing will allow gluten sugars to form and alter the consistency of the batter.

NOTE: It is OK and desirable to have clumps in the batter.

5) Dip each item in the batter and deep fry instantly.
6) As the batter browns, remove and let the oil evaporate.
7) Transfer the tempura to a serving dish.
8) Provide soy sauce or tentsuyu for dipping.
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