The CookingBites recipe challenge: mayonnaise

Hawaii-Style Macaroni Salad

Zippy's Mac Salad.jpg

Aka my "Copycat Zippy's Mac Salad"
Love, love, LOVE me my Mac Salad, especially from Zippy's, a chain restaurant in Hawaii only (well, they did just open one in Las Vegas this past October).
Mac Salad is found on most "Plate Lunches" in Hawaii. It'll be your choice of a protein of some sort, Mac Salad and 2 scoop Rice or sub for Corn Kernels or Tossed Green Salad.


This is my homage to my favorite Zippy's Combo Plate Lunch: Fried Chicken, steamed White Rice (only 1 scoop though), Chili with Beans and Mac Salad, ONO (that's Hawaiian for delicious) !!
If you're new here, than you haven't heard me pine on about it ... this side dish can grace any plate and make it better, really ... well, that's my humble opinion anyways.
Okie-dokie, Smokie, I’ve reached a decision. There were three contenders, but the top recipe I kept coming back to was…

Recipe - Sriracha Mayonnaise Margarita - congrats, kaneohegirlinaz!

I like mayonnaise…I like cocktails…but I never really thought seriously about a mayonnaise cocktail until this challenge, and K-girl came through with a winner.

kaneohegirlinaz -
It’s now over to you to choose the next ingredient and become judge for the next round. As usual, its best to choose an ingredient which is fairly accessible in all our various countries. It doesn't matter if you choose an ingredient which has gone before so long as it wasn't too recently. A list of all ingredients chosen is here in date order and here in alphabetical order.

If you want to you can 'float' an idea for the next ingredient in this thread or if in doubt PM me or another moderator for advice.
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