What are your interest/hobbies - besides cooking

Discussion in 'The CookingBites Cafe' started by ElizabethB, 9 Nov 2017.

  1. medtran49

    medtran49 Über Member

    SE Florida
    Nice pots.
  2. detroitdad

    detroitdad Senior Member

    Ypsilanti, MI.
    Collection Poker chips :) I'm building a new mixed Paulson set. Acquired some quarters and ones that I think go great together. The quarter were pretty dirty. I cleaned a 100 of them while enjoying my morning coffee yesterday.

    20180624_093424.jpg 20180624_094229.jpg 20180624_101339.jpg
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  3. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Midlands, England

    Leicester UK

    Oh wow they are really cool :thumbsup:
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  4. Wyshiepoo

    Wyshiepoo Well-Known Member

    Several different hobbies. Model building, travel, brewing, puzzles both mental and jigsaw puzzles.

    A puzzle wot I recently completed. Unfortunately had two bits missing.

  5. rascal

    rascal Über Member

    I follow horse racing, in fact my whole family do, gallopers and standard breds, (with sulkies behind them) I started as an owner then got into breeding, 5 brood mares, bred a lot of horses, some good some bad. Mainly good though, best one I raced I sold to Australia for 60k then she got sold again for 100k. She won a lot of races and even a group one race. I got rid of most of them a few years ago. My son was a driver on my horses. All my grandkids come with us to the races in summer. They love it too.

  6. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    That is fascinating - if I'd had to hazard a guess at your other interests/hobbies I'd never had got that in a million years! I used to be a keen horse rider as a kid and early teen - its where all my pocket money went.
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  7. buckytom

    buckytom Über Member

    rascal, my mother's side of the family were in the business side of horse racing. Mostly accounting at tracks in NY and Florida.

    My dad was a sportswriter in his last working years who used to do the daily picks for American tracks for the Associated Press because he was quite good at picking winners just from reading the daily sheets.

    Although, he always said that harness racing was extremely corrupt. I've seen it firsthand many times as well, as a jockey was standing in his sulky, holding his horse back as much as he possibly could to lose.

    That's not to mention all of the syringes littering the way out of the paddock just before a race.

    Still, it is a fascinating endeavour.
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  8. rascal

    rascal Über Member

    Mg and tom, I won't get into it but I studied bloodlines and line bred to certain sires, I spent forever studying. I believe you have to study to achieve results. I do the same with cooking ,replicating other people's meals. I love going to the races and picking a horse out by the condition of the horse in the parade ring. Then I look at the breeding ,the sire and the dams sire.
    Tom your dad sounds awesome. My son got a part time working for a friend of mine who was a trainer. He then got his junior drivers licence. He drove for a few years. His first winner was a horse I bred and owned. We are really close and he said on his wedding speech, his highlights in his life included us , his mum and dad.
    Mg years ago I got to go to glorious good wood, an amazing day. I've never seen so many rolls royces or bentleys,lol.

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  9. buckytom

    buckytom Über Member

    I have a few hobbies. As far as the sporting type goes, I've accumulated the stuff you need to do them so that it takes up one of the garages.

    Fishing (salt and sweetwater), Boogie boarding, bicycling, hiking, backpacking, baseball, football, rugby, hockey, and archery/target shooting, golf, etc..

    Pics to come
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  10. buckytom

    buckytom Über Member

    So, pics of the rightmost garage:

    0 0924181641.jpg

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  11. rascal

    rascal Über Member

    Yout garage is tidier than mine,lol. Wish I had that much room. I really need to get rid of the treadmill..

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  12. CraigC

    CraigC Über Member

    SE Florida
    Ever done an "Animal Round" with just a recurve bow and blunt tip arrow? It kills me to see target archers with compound bows that look like satellites with all the stabilizing protrusions. Where is the skill? Would love to see one of them attempt the woods with their bow.
  13. buckytom

    buckytom Über Member

    No, I've never been bow hunting. But it would be pretty funny if they had to track anything.
  14. CraigC

    CraigC Über Member

    SE Florida
    An "Animal Round" is a trail that has different paper animal targets set up, you have to spot the target in 360 of a marker on the trail. Most bow hunters I know use tree stands and don't actually stalk their target.
  15. buckytom

    buckytom Über Member

    You don't have to go far from my house to find tree stands. Just a couple of hundred feet behind the last house on our cul de sac.

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