What did you cook or eat today (October 2020)?


Nosh 'n' Splosh
15 Jul 2019
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8:03 AM
Ohio, US
Ok, getting around to using the first of the glut of peppers I got in my produce haul several days ago:

Really simple - split a pepper, cooked it several minutes in oil, water, and salt to soften it, then filled it with cheese and an egg, and back with the lid on to steam the eggs.

For something so simple, the taste is phenomenal. I could eat this once a week.

Burt Blank

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25 Jun 2020
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1:03 PM
Split Croatia
Ah - the jam first then the cream. There is much argument about which way round: the cream tea dilemma. Traditionally, it has been that people in Devon spread clotted cream on the scone, then finish with a dollop of jam, while the Cornish tradition does the reverse, with jam going first and clotted cream on top.

There is also argument about how to pronounce scone... to rhyme with gone or with bone? Its a North/South and class divide!
I can sort all the problems. Proja muffin with Kaymak and wild strawberry jam from Serbia. It's was to celibate Novaks winning Wimbledon.
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