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What did you cook or eat today (September 2023)?

It's a hit.

I've a few ideas on how to make it a bit more substantial and add some protein to it (no not maggots or worms)... but they can wait for another day.


Recipe - Strawberry Gazpacho with a Lemon, Lime & Coriander Sauce
The dough was excellent. I am not sure of the process. My bakery manager wife handles anything dough related :)
Does her bakery's dough have that super yeasty taste? If so, please interrogate her and get me the recipe. I can't figure out how to get that super yeasty taste. It's more than just adding more yeast.
Looks delicious.
And I wouldn't want to add any protein to it. What for? It's a dish that can stand on its own.
In short: that is all we had for our evening meal.

In long :To actually get some protein during the course of the day because that's all we had for that meal and if I don't include protein in the main meal of the day, whereelse is 60g of protein going to come from? Neither breakfast nor lunch cover that much. And just to make life fun, one downside of Addison's disease is that I don't retain muscle easily, and certainly won't if I don't include protein in any meal during the course of the day and I struggle to get even half of the recommended amount. So I need meals that include protein.
Convenience meal tonight. InnovAsian pork pot stickers, which, while not as good as our homemade, were quite good. I did make the dipping sauce though instead of what was in the box. Entrée was crispy honey chicken. It was pretty good too, though I'd rather have honey garlic chicken. I did cook some rice and there was a good amount of sauce.
Evening meal. I served vegan V2 Aussie flavour sausages on the side for protein...


Surprisingly the soup didn't separate overnight, so that's a bonus for making this ahead of time.

My only issue was that middle strawberry for decoration. Somehow I ate nearly an entire packet of strawberries whilst trying to cut one up to display in the bowl. :whistling:
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