What did you cook or eat today (September 2023)?

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It's a hit.

I've a few ideas on how to make it a bit more substantial and add some protein to it (no not maggots or worms)... but they can wait for another day.


Recipe - Strawberry Gazpacho with a Lemon, Lime & Coriander Sauce
The dough was excellent. I am not sure of the process. My bakery manager wife handles anything dough related :)
Does her bakery's dough have that super yeasty taste? If so, please interrogate her and get me the recipe. I can't figure out how to get that super yeasty taste. It's more than just adding more yeast.
Looks delicious.
And I wouldn't want to add any protein to it. What for? It's a dish that can stand on its own.
In short: that is all we had for our evening meal.

In long :To actually get some protein during the course of the day because that's all we had for that meal and if I don't include protein in the main meal of the day, whereelse is 60g of protein going to come from? Neither breakfast nor lunch cover that much.
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Convenience meal tonight. InnovAsian pork pot stickers, which, while not as good as our homemade, were quite good. I did make the dipping sauce though instead of what was in the box. Entrée was crispy honey chicken. It was pretty good too, though I'd rather have honey garlic chicken. I did cook some rice and there was a good amount of sauce.
Evening meal. I served vegan V2 Aussie flavour sausages on the side for protein...


Surprisingly the soup didn't separate overnight, so that's a bonus for making this ahead of time.

My only issue was that middle strawberry for decoration. Somehow I ate nearly an entire packet of strawberries whilst trying to cut one up to display in the bowl. :whistling:
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