Would you like beer or wine with your egg Gondola pie?

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30 Jul 2018
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My mailbox is always stuffed with menus from local restaurants. Most of them deliver. The most recent menu was from a pizza place that delivers beer and wine with your order, if you choose. An interesting item on the menu is egg Gondola pizzas. There are four varieties. The pizza dough is shaped like a gondola and filled with eggs, Cheeses etc., & one comes with an ingredient called basturma (a highly seasoned beef?). Made me think of pastrami and eggs on a pizza.

The fellow that delivered pizza to Ellen DeGeneres on the Oscar show a few years ago, runs the place.

I have not heard of delivering beer and wine, so it caught my eye.

Also, I keep hearing about apps where you can order food online and have it delivered. Usually from places that include establishments that don't normally deliver -- even McDonalds. LOL. But the price is a little more expensive. Have you tried any of the food delivery apps? What did you think?
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3 Dec 2017
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We've used Door Dash, GrubHub, and Delivery Dudes. The service is nice if you don't feel like going out for whatever reason. However, you pay a premium price for that convenience. They charge a delivery fee, pretty hefty on at least 1 of them, though I've forgotten which one it was. It was waived because it was our first time using the service, but I remember thinking we won't be using you again. The fee and the tip together would have been just under half the cost of our food. Obviously, you have to tip the driver, and if it's bad weather or they have to go to multiple restaurants for your order (yes, they will do that) they expect more, and rightfully so. Also, if the restaurant is running specials or offering coupons, you don't get to take advantage of that. You have to order off their regular full price menu thru the delivery service. They've always been within the time frame promised or just a few minutes late, which the drivers have blamed on the restaurants, which I actually do believe given our experiences when we pick up ourselves.

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19 Apr 2015
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We have various ones here in the UK - my grown up kids used to use them fairly regularly but I was never very impressed. Its convenient and a lazy night in.

There's a long standing tradition of 'home-delivery' in the UK from local ethnic restaurants. In particular, from Chinese and Indian restaurants. I think it goes back at least 30 years.
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