1. karadekoolaid

    National "Must Try" dishes

    An interesting survey carried out by Tik- Tok, apparently. Fish & Chips seems to fit in with the UK, and Arepas with Venezuela. National Must Try Dishes What about the local analyses, however? Banoffee pie in the South East? Bangers & Mash in London? Parmo in the North East? (Had to look that...
  2. TastyReuben

    Let’s see your…drying dishes!

    Yes, in the quest to start the most banal topic ever, here’s a pic of my freshly-washed dishes air-drying: We’ve seen your fridges, we’ve talked about your cooker, and your kitchen as a whole, so…show us your dishes drying on the counter!
  3. B

    I don't typically do vegetarian dishes, but enchiladas are easy.

    Black Bean and roasted corn enchiladas. I make a couple gallons of "red sauce" twice a year. used up a precious frozen quart, but it is such a good use. bang!!
  4. LissaC

    Ideas for mains or side dishes with peanuts

    Hi everyone, I have a bag of raw peanuts that I don't know how to use. I'd like to use them on a main or side dish, not on dessert, but I'm out of ideas. A lot of the recipes I'm finding seem to come from Chinese cuisine which I don't like. I hate soy sauce and don't love the taste of vinegar...
  5. Sake Serving Set

    Sake Serving Set

    Sake Serving Set
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