food safety/hygiene

  1. Morning Glory

    Do you wash fresh ingredients before using them?

    Personally I don't bother to wash anything unless its visibly dirty. So, for example, if potatoes are covered in dirt then I'd rinse them. Or if there are likely to be insects in a lettuce I'd rinse it. But really, not otherwise. I don't believe I've washed any ingredients very much for as long...
  2. Morning Glory

    Have you ever frozen these foods?

    Freezing leftovers can be a great way to keep food from going off and reduce waste. The freezer acts as a pause button, keeping food from going off for weeks and even months. But there are some foods that should never be frozen - and they could even be dangerous for your health if you do. Have...
  3. Morning Glory

    Using alcohol in cooking.

    I use it a lot, for flavour and it really does make a difference. A splash of red wine in a tomato sauce, for example, will give a depth of flavour you can't achieve any other way. I keep a bottle of red wine (screw top) for cooking and it will keep for at least a month if not longer. Then there...
  4. Morning Glory

    Foods you can eat after their expiry date

    Many items, including dairy products, are safe to eat after their expiry date. Do you eat foods after their expiry date? I know that I do!
  5. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    [AUS] - Woolworths pork, lamb and beef mince recalled

    OK - this isn't going to affect anyone on here - I'm not aware of any members who are in this area, but all the same, I think food safety and recall notices should be posted online especially when metal fragments are involved...
  6. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    A food posioning expert names 6 things he refuses to eat

    I came across this article while looking at the Australian news service and was surprised at a couple of items, and totally unsurprised at others. Raw Oysters Precut...
  7. ReadmeByAmy

    Catering Services

    If you are working as a food server in a Catering Services kind of food business what will you do with the leftover foods that is meant to be serve in the party where you are catering...meaning they are part of the foods to be serve but not all the foods are eaten by the guest or visitors and...
  8. winterybella

    Are you washing your hands correctly?

    Your hands- I was reading the thread about washing or not washing the chicken and someone spoke to washing your hands properly. I honestly don't wear gloves and find myself washing my hands quite a bit when I am in the kitchen. I want to think I am doing the right thing and washing them...
  9. Morning Glory

    Do you double dip?

    Here, I mean 'double dipping' whilst cooking; putting the spoon from which you have tasted, back in for another taste. This means your 'germs' have been transferred to the pot. I do it all the time! But that is when cooking for family. I wouldn't expect a chef in a restaurant to be doing...
  10. CoolCat

    Preparing meals in advance

    I've been packing leftovers in my lunch for years now, but I'm starting to work toward doing more Sunday meal prep. The basic concept is to do the majority of your cooking for the week on Sunday in order to save time during the week, as well as making it easier to stick to budget or nutrition...
  11. SatNavSaysStraightOn


    Quick survey Outside of a professional kitchen, how many still use an apron at home?
  12. Rosyrain

    Food Storage At Home

    I saw an old fashioned antique icebox the other day and was amazed at how small it was, and secretly wondered to myself how a family could live with such a small cold food storage appliance. It got me to thinking about how people store food and purchase it around the world, so I thought I would...
  13. Sandra Piddock

    Ready to eat salad 'more dangerous than beefburgers'

    Bagged and ready to eat salads may contain cryptosporidum infections, due to bugs clinging to the salad leaves in the washing process, according to this report. Experts advise that you should still wash salad leaves, even those labelled ready to eat. This concerns me, as I often buy bagged...
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