1. rascal

    Do you entertain?

    I see Burt Blank likes to entertain, well so do I. It usually involves two other couples from a group of about 10 good friends, so 6 of us, it's easy to cook for 6 and keep the conversation going. Mostly I tell them your booze only, it's our treat. I supply good quality foods because I can. I do...
  2. rascal

    Pot luck anybody?

    When we have friends over I normally cook but a friend of ours, Cheryl e mailed back and suggested a pot luck night to take pressure off me. I didn't object, we havnt had a pot luck here in a few years. It's kinda organised pot luck in that we kinda all,know what's on offer. Me, I'm making...
  3. rascal

    First Xmas pressie today

    You've heard me talk of my good friend dafyd, he turned up today with a box of beer, a block of chocolate and a bottle of wine and said merry Xmas and thanks for being good friends to him and his wife. We were supposed to be having drinks and nibbles this weekend but we decided to go the extra...
  4. rascal

    Is my friend miserable?

    Ok we have get togethers with friends, as you guys may know I don't spare expense, fillet steaks are regulars here. We recently were at my good friend David, (we call him dafyd the only gay in the village ) and he did a chicken curry, he happened to mention while serving that the thighs were...
  5. smilebridgit2019

    Hello to all friends

    Hi, I'm Bridgit. I want to say hello to everybody in this educational forum.
  6. rascal

    Had friends over last night.....

    a mate called around yesterday morning to give me some eggs, I asked if they were busy that night. No, quick txt to another friend and we all had a date. I cooked stuff from the freezer. Garlic bread then roast chicken, I had a really big one in the freezer. I served with roast pumpkin, corn on...
  7. TodayInTheKitchen

    Friends in the Kitchen

    Meet Ruby - She was with me as I learned how to cook. See was my faithful kitchen assistant. Sadly, I had to put her down a year ago but we had a great life together. Do you let your pets in the kitchen?
  8. Lullabelle

    Charging family and friends for Christmas dinner

    I have been reading on the BBC website about people charging family and friends for Christmas dinner. It appears to have sparked quite a debate. Hosting dinner can be very expensive so to a point I appreciate where the idea comes from but charging seems extreme. On December 27th my husband's...
  9. Riya

    Hello Friends

    Hello my dear friends. :happy: I have just joined this lovely forum. I hope that, I will enjoy here a lot :dance::woot: and also make Lovely Friends.:cheers:
  10. Shaun

    How many will you be cooking for this Christmas?

    My wife and I are the join of two large families, and between us and our immediate family members (brothers, sisters and their kids) there are 38 of us! :eek: Whilst it is great to see everyone and get together at Christmas, we have a tradition in our house of just having Christmas dinner to...
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