1. TastyReuben

    McD’s Happy Meals for Adults

    I’ll admit, when I first read “adult happy meal,” my mind went in an entirely different direction. McDonald's is releasing new Happy Meals for adults to recreate 'one of the most nostalgic experiences'
  2. Windigo

    Show us your lunch

    As we already have a ' show me your breakfast ' thread, I was thinking a lunch thread was in order too. I tend to eat a light lunch, something like rice crackers and a snack that replaces my afternoon snack. For example starting with today's lunch: Prawn cocktail crisps, a rice cracker with...
  3. flyinglentris

    What are Your Favorite Grocery Store Frozen Meals?

    Frozen meals have evolved from TV dinners and pot pies to a huge variety of quickly microwavable, oven baked or cooked up prepared frozen meals.. While it is true that I like to cook up my own meals from scratch, sometimes, I like a quick fix, often, something that can be microwaved or heated...
  4. flyinglentris

    Soiree Meals

    An evening get together among friends, a soiree, would not be anything without food, from something as simple as snacks and drinks to a multi-course meal with all the trimmings. Where do your soiree meals fit in that spectrum? How far are you willing and able to go for friends and family?
  5. TastyReuben

    Ordering Restaurant Meals

    Just curious...when you're in a restaurant perusing a menu, do you ever look at a particular dish, think, "That's something my friends on CB would like to see...I'm ordering that," and that's the determining factor or tie-breaker if more than one thing sounds good? I don't think I have, but now...
  6. flyinglentris

    Best Movie Meals That You'd Like to Try

    What are the best movie meals you've seen that you would like to try? For example, in the movie "Like Water For Chocolate", a 'Rose Petal Quail' meal might qualify, certainly. How about those 'Diner Burgers' from "Good Will Hunting?" And I would certainly nominate 'Puerco Pibil' from "Once...
  7. TastyReuben

    Typical Day's Meals

    Something in another topic prompts this question: What's a typical day's meals/snacks like for you? If your weekday and weekend meals differ, please include both. I work from home (like a lot of people now), so a typical weekday's meals for me would look something like: 8AM - cold cereal...
  8. WhatsCookingMama

    Holiday meals 2019

    I want to start planning my Thanksgiving and Christmas menus. I'm looking for some inspiration. We prefer traditional and nontraditional holiday meals. What's your favorite holiday dish?
  9. rascal

    Quick meals needed

    as some of you know I'm pretty much retired, have been for about a year now. But recently I was asked to help a friend who has a trucking business, it was supposed to be 1 to 2 days a week which was perfect for me. BUT this has pretty much turned into full time driving and delivering pallets of...
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