1. grumpyoldman

    Recipe Looking for the name to this recipe

    Yesterday the wife made supper and made something that we have made 2-3 time a year as long as i can remeber but one one knows what to call it , so give it a try and suggest a name for it. The recipe is : Ingredients 1 lb ground beef (drained) 2 cans of pork and beans 1 can tomato sauce/paste...
  2. A

    Taste of spices

    I find that some spices seem to have a taste when I swallow. Does this phenomenon have a name? When I make my chocolate quinoa correctly it does this. If I add wattleseed it doesn't. Could that be because it's roasted? I think roasting makes a spice more aromatic, but less flavoursome. What...
  3. Puggles

    Yeasty taste

    Do you know how bakery pizza has that "taste" to it? Like the dough has a lot of yeast in it or something? I love that taste, whatever it is. Does anyone know what that actually is?
  4. Sotaeko

    Foods you dislike

    What foods do you dislike no matter how many times you try them or different ways they are prepared/cooked? What foods do you dislike when growing up and end up liking later in life?
  5. Burt Blank

    The wonderful taste and versatility of dried mushrooms.

    Most of us probably know that reconstituted with boiled water they produce a dark strong meaty stock. For beef daube's, I powder them in a grinder and add to the flour I dust the meat with before browning. Meat loaf, I always add breadcrumbs and mushroom powder. Cheats wild mushroom and truffle...
  6. TodayInTheKitchen

    What is Umami and what does it taste like?

    In conjunction the Miso Ingredient challenge, I thought it would be appropriate to ask about Umami - the fifth taste. Here is an excerpt from an article. "Westerners are familiar with the four basic taste groups: sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. For some, the concept of umami, or the "fifth...
  7. GadgetGuy

    What pre-made dishes taste better to you when you doctor them up?

    I normally don't do pre-made dishes on account that they are so wicked salty. I'm on a low-sodium diet. But some cooks do that. So what about you? Do you find this practice necessary? Or do you just leave the dish as is & just 'wing it'? :wink:
  8. Morning Glory

    Celery - do lo love it or hate it?

    A few recent posts revealed that quite a few members dislike celery. A bit of research revealed it was the most disliked vegetable in the UK so perhaps its true in other countries. Further research suggests there is a particular compound in celery which some people (genetically) find tastes...
  9. epicuric

    Eggs that taste of chocolate

    By crazy coincidence (after reading @morning glory's post about topsy turvy teas, I had an e-mail through about these. A particular breed of Venezuelan chicken (Cocos Pullen Mendacious) has developed a diet based almost entirely on cacao pods, and produces eggs that taste incredibly of...
  10. Yorky

    Dad will welcome champ Srisaket with a taste of home

    Dad will welcome champ Srisaket with a taste of home The father of the 31-year-old Thai boxer Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, who successfully defended his super flyweight title in Los Angeles on Sunday, is preparing Isaan delicacies to welcome his son back home on Tuesday. Jiamsak Wang-ek, said he...
  11. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Making the tomato taste better again

    I was reading something a few days ago when I came across an article on the humble tomato. It seems that is flavour had been bred out of it by growers looking for bigger tomatoes because they think people want bigger fruit and also a bigger tomato means more money when each tomato is picked by...
  12. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Is tasting fat the 6th taste?

    It's not new news but it's new to me. There are traditionally considered to be 5 tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. Sweet, salty and umami are all appetite related and indicate that the food contains essential nutrients. Whilst excessively sour and bitter signal an aversion to...
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