1. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Spaghetti with Tuna and Fresh Tomato Sauce

    An extremely easy and quick dish to prepare, perfect for those moments in which you want something easy to cook yet satisfying to eat. With a couple of twists, even a simple tinned tuna in olive oil can be a great ingredient to enrich pasta. Serves: 2 | Preparation time: 10 mins | Cooking time...
  2. Pasta with tuna and black olives tomato sauce.jpg

    Pasta with tuna and black olives tomato sauce.jpg

  3. Tuna and black olives tomato sauce.jpg

    Tuna and black olives tomato sauce.jpg

  4. Ricotta and Tuna Fish Balls.jpg

    Ricotta and Tuna Fish Balls.jpg

  5. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Ricotta and Tuna Fish Balls

    Serves: 4 | Preparation time: 15 mins | Cooking time: 15-20 mins Canned tuna: 240 g Ricotta: 200 g Breadcrumbs: 100 g Capers: 15 g Eggs: 3 Sesame seeds: 3 tsp Anchovy fillets, 3 or Anchovy paste: 2 tsp Parsley: a handful Salt and pepper: to taste Evoo oil or Peanut Oil for deep frying Method...
  6. Savoy cabbage rolls.jpeg

    Savoy cabbage rolls.jpeg

  7. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Potato Crusted Tuna

    I got this recipe from Chef Anne Burrell, who uses significantly more oil than I do here. Hers look better than mine turned out, but she gets paid for here cooking, so I don't feel bad about that. The flavor was nice. I would like to have shown you what it looked like inside after cooking, but...
  8. Morning Glory

    Recipe Rainbow Salade Niçoise

    A classic Salade Niçoise with a colourful twist. I used blue dyed hard-boiled eggs but you don't have to - they really don't taste any different but do provide a talking point! Ingredients (serves 2, generously) 3-4 shelled hard-boiled eggs Red cabbage to dye the eggs (optional) 200g good...
  9. Morning Glory

    Salade Niçoise

    One of may favourite salads - what do you include in yours? Fresh or tinned tuna? Black olives? Green beans? My favourite version has soft boiled eggs, tinned tuna, new potatoes, anchovies and black olives. I can take or leave the green beans.
  10. Fresh stuffed tomatoes

    Fresh stuffed tomatoes

  11. Barley Summer salad

    Barley Summer salad

  12. Matilda

    Tuna Salad Sandwich Problem

    I tried making a tuna salad, haven't made one in several years, and the next day it was soggy. Looked like it was separating. Liquid in the bottom of the bowl. Any idea how "not" to get this problem? I rinse and dry my tuna, drain the relish, pat the relish with a paper towel to remove any...
  13. detroitdad

    Recipe Sesame Ahi Tuna

    Real simple dish that has a wonderfully fresh flavor. I made some sesame oil by roasting sesame seeds in some oil Ingredients Oil Lemon zest/Lemon juice kosher salt Black pepper Sesame seeds Lightly coat the tuna in oil. Add a smidgen of salt and pepper to both sides of the Tuna. Squeeze a...
  14. detroitdad

    Tuna Steaks

    I like to keep this simple so I can enjoy the Tuna Steak. Only seasoning that I use is oil, kosher salt, and lemon zest. I cook them in a hot pan for about 1.2 minutes per side. Sides were roasted asparagus and radishes with a horse radish sauce.
  15. CraigC

    Processed Tuna

    If you eat canned or jarred tuna, what do you prefer? Being the seafood snob that I am, I will only purchase canned or jarred yellowfin tuna packed in olive oil, from Spain or Italy.
  16. F

    Recipe Marmitako Tuna Fisherman´s Stew ( Basque Classic )

    The Basques have had an enormously historical fishing tradition. They are also extraordinarily well known for their culinary skills and Michelin star restaurants ( Martin Berasategui, Pedro Subijana, Luis Irizar, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Eneko Axtea & Elena & Juan Mari Arzak to name a few ) ...
  17. F

    Recipe The Heritage Olivier Salad (Russian Salad & Ensadilla Rusa)

    In the 1860s in Moscow, Russia, there was a Belgian French Executive Chef by the name of Lucien Olivier who worked at the most renowned elite Parisian style Restaurant in Moscow named The Heritage. The 1st récipe was invented for his affluent clients who visited from The Palace, the Embassies...
  18. Cinisajoy

    Recipe Tuna Fish Salad

    Ingredients: 1 12 oz can tuna fish, drained 1 good size dollop miracle whip 1 tsp or so each dill and sweet pickle relishes A bit of garlic powder A bit of onion powder Salt and pepper to taste. Mix together. Serve with crackers or bread.
  19. F

    Recipe Red Tuna Tartare with Mango

    Red Tuna Tartare with Mango A very simple récipe from: La Mercat Boqueria, the central Market of The Bari Goti Historical District of Barcelona. 450 Grams red tuna 1 médium size mango ripe, but firm, peeled and diced 1 lemon ( or lime ) of juice 1 pinch of cayenne or smoked paprika some...
  20. T

    Gregg's tasty tuna burgers

    We are huge fans of Gregg Wallace's tasty tuna burgers from the programme "eat well for less". Unfortunately we cannot find the recipe on their website any more. Can any one help us out with the recipe details? Thanks!!!
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