Building a Sandwich


14 Aug 2017
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6:52 PM
Lafayette, LA. US
Are you picky about how your sandwich is built? I am.

On one slice of bread I want a lot of mayonnaise. On the other slice I want a little mayonnaise and mustard. The type of mustard depends on what goes on it. I use Dijon, Creole (whole grain) or plain old yellow mustard. I like a warm sandwich so I heat the meat either in the skillet or toaster oven. That goes on the mustard. Cheese on top of the meat. Lettuce or mixed greens on the mayonnaise side topped with tomato and any thing else - like pickles. My sandwich MUST be cut in half on a diagonal.

:wacky: That's me!


31 May 2017
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1:52 AM

1) For me the bread must be freshly baked ( I do not use plastic bread ) ..

2) The sándwich fillings, I normally eat are salad fillings: Tunafish salad, Prawn / Shrimp Salad, Chicken Salad ( the 3 most eaten); and I do not add extra Mayonnaise, however, I do like some lettuce leaves on my salad sándwiches .. Nothing more as it is in the salads ..

3) Grilled Cheese: I prepare mine as follows:

Provolone or Asiago or Beaufort or Gruyère
De-seeded red ripe but firm tomato thinly medium slices
A spread of French Butter or Asturian Butter ( 82% butter fat ).
I use a circular fresh baked bread from the Bakery called Galician Hogaza.
I also diagonally slice the bread and on a wooden board.
I spread the room temperature butter on each side of the bread and then place the cheese and then the tomato, same on both slices of bread ..
Then I grill it ( and place a heavy weight on the top of the sándwich to press it down to melt the cheese )
And then I lift the weight and I grill the other side ( 2 minutes per side more or less for nice Golden )

4) Large Freshly baked Spanish Baguette style bread, from Bakery ..

Depending what type of sándwich I am going to prepare, I either use a lemon olive homemade Mayo or a Dijon Mustard ..

As stated above, I like lettuce on my sandwiches so this shall be lying up against the Mayo or Mustard ..

Then the ingredients .. Heavier ingredients first and the lighter sprinkled or garnishing the heavier ingredients and they are on top ..

Place the other half of the bread and slice on a diagonal ..

Have a nice evening.
Time to get some rest as it is 12am and I have a long trip tomorrow ..


1 Apr 2016
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12:52 AM
London/Essex border, UK
No plastic bread here either, just good fresh home-made bread (either white or half-and-half). I usually have a simple cheese sandwich (extra mature Cheddar, or home-made paneer). I often spread the bread with nice hot English mustard, but never have any butter or anything else on the bread. If I have plain bread, I usually put classic English pickles such as Piccalilli or Branston with the cheese. I usually add some lettuce, sliced tomato and sliced onion.

Sometimes I go to the other extreme, and have a complete meal in a sandwich :laugh:


Uncomfortably numb
3 Oct 2016
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6:52 AM
Nakhorn Nowhere, N. E. Thailand.
On the question of how they are cut (90 degrees or diagonal) although I tend to cut mine square I don't really mind either way. With one exception. Many years ago we ate at Harry Ramsden's in Singapore and my bread was served in triangles. I explained to the waitress (who turned out to be the franchise manager) that if she serves rectangular shaped fish then the bread should also be served rectangular. How was I supposed to make a fish and chip sarnie otherwise. The next time we ate there the bread was served in whole slices (she remembered).
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