More Cookery Books.

I certainly wouldn't.
"Air" fryer is an oxymoron.
"To Fry" is defined as "cook (food) in hot fat or oil, typically in a shallow pan"
Air doesn't count as "oil"
MrsT…yes, the same one, actually bought a cookbook…for herself:

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I doubt she’ll ever use it.

Good for her (and you). Most people think air-fryers are just for heating up oven chips but they can be surprisingly versatile if you can look beyond the name of the device. I'm sure that book contains some useful, time-saving and healthier ways of doing things. Let us know if you come across any new favourites!
Just ordered this cookery book from Amazon. Had one previously, but lost it!! It's the 2019 edition. I don't care. For the 2023 editions & up, it costs a lot more!! It's also quite a large & heavy cookbook!!!!:ninja:
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