Recipe White wine and red wine jelly


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12 Jan 2021
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Ingredients: 100ml red wine, 100ml white wine, 40g pomme grenade seeds, 3 sheets white gelatin, 3 sheets red gelatin, slice of orange, sugar to taste.
Serves for 2, preparation time 5 minutes, cooking time 10 minutes, setting time 2 hours for each layer.

1. Soak the white gelatin in cold water. Put the white wine in a pot, turn up the heat, season it with sugar/honey or whatever sweetener you're using until it tastes sweet enough for you.

2. Peel the pomme grenade seeds and split them up on two glasses. Squeeze the water out of the gelatin, give it to the wine when it started to boil. Pour the wine over the pomme grenade seeds into the glasses. Place the glasses in a cold area.

4. Repeat it the same way with the red wine, when the white wine jelly did get solid. Bon appetit.

After I made the two cups and started to write down the recipe I got ideas for pimpig it up with things like vanilla sauce or chocolate decorations, but I didn't had the energy to do that, maybe I will update the recipe in the next days. By the way, if you don't have any pomme grenade seeds or blood orange, you can use any kind of other fruits.
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I've never used gelatin sheets before (only powdered gelatin), but I believe the recipe can be adapted.

I see that you are doing the white wine layer first. How much do you let the red wine mixture cool before pouring it over the white wine layer? Room temperature?
One bag of gelatin in sheets is 20g/0,7oz and can be compared to 60g/2,1oz powdered gelatin. I didn't not let the red wine layer cool down to much, because I didn't had the time to do that, what created a lava lamp like effect.

medtran49 your idea is even better, excuse me that I destroyed your fantastic meal.
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