1. TastyReuben

    Recipe Red Cabbage Salad

    RED CABBAGE SALAD Makes 4-6 servings Ingredients 1/2 head red cabbage, sliced 1 medium apple, peeled and sliced 4 slices streaky bacon, cooked 1 tsp granulated sugar 2 TB vinegar 1/4 cup red or white wine 2 TB olive oil Salt and pepper to taste Caraway seeds Directions Shred cabbage as we...
  2. medtran49

    Recipe Lion's head meatballs

    A dish adapted from Serious Eats Lion's head pork meatballs. Serves 2-3 without rice, 4 with rice Total time, including resting, about 1-1/2 hours INGREDIENTS 4-ounce block firm tofu, cut into 1/4-inch slices (see substitutions) 1 pound fairly fatty ground pork, such as pork shoulder 1/4...
  3. Herbie

    Portuguese bean and cabbage soup

    This is husband’s Grandmother’s recipe for Portuguese Bean and Cabbage Soup. We call it Avó Soup (Avó is the Portuguese word for Grandmother). I’ve edited for English so apologies if I left any errors in. I've also added my changes I do to make the soup vegan. For boiled potatoes, cabbage etc...
  4. Yorky

    Recipe Bubble and Squeak

    Ingredients Potatoes Butter Milk Salt and black pepper Cabbage Onion Carrot Olive oil Method Boil the potatoes in salted water, drain and mash with a little milk and butter. Season. Slice the cabbage, chop the onion and shred the carrot. Boil or steam together for about 10 minutes. Drain and...
  5. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Cold Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage Soup

    And another in the series of cold soups that I have been exploring this summer due to the hot weather we have been experiencing. This is actually a very nice and refreshing soup that is easy to eat despite the weather. It is so nice and easy that we are actually making it again. One thing I will...
  6. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Cabbage Rolls with Fontina (and Farro)

    Recipe from Autentico, page 174, by Rolando Beramendi My efforts to make more tasty Italian foods that don't have to lay on the less useful of the carbs. This one is also vegetarian, and can work as a side or a main as desired. If as a side, I'd do it with a light main. As a main, I'd do it...
  7. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Scalloped Potatoes Au Gratin with Onions and Cabbage

    Prep time: 40 minutes, which includes browning the onions, but you can do other prep as that occurs. Cook time: 1 hour Rest time: 5 minutes? Serves: Would be great for a pot luck or dinner party! Scalloped Potatoes Au Gratin with Onions and Cabbage * 1 tablespoon avocado oil or buttter...
  8. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Asian Cole Slaw (Vegan)

    Typically, this will be a side. You will usually find shredded carrot in recipes for Asian coleslaw, but I don’t care much for raw carrot, so I used daikon. Use what you like! What I adore about Asian coleslaw, even if someone adds in the carrot, is the fact that it has no mayonnaise. Mind...
  9. CraigC

    Vinegar on Cabbage?

    When I make a "boiled dinner" (cabbage potatoes and spare ribs) or corned beef and cabbage, I like to use some type of vinegar on the cabbage. Anyone else?
  10. medtran49

    Recipe Small batch sauerkraut

    Small batch sauerkraut from The Kitchn I've made this quite a few times. While Craig likes commercially made sauerkraut, I don't, it's much too sour. The trick to really get this fermenting is to make sure you really work the salt into the cabbage, which just kills my hands since I have...
  11. morning glory

    Recipe Mujadara with Charred Cabbage

    Mudjadara* is a lovely comfort food from the Middle-East. It reminds me of Indian Kitchiri which is claimed to be the origin of British Kedgeree. The charred cabbage adds a delicious taste, although I don’t think its authentic. Make it as spicy as you choose by adding extra chilli if you wish...
  12. morning glory

    Recipe Cabbage Wedge Stuffed with Juniper Butter 'en Papillote'

    This is a lesson in how to make healthy cabbage ‘unhealthy’ but delicious. Cooked ‘en papillote’ the green outer leaves of the cabbage stay green and flavours are intensified. The caramelised cut edges provide umami flavour and juniper adds a hint of pine forest. Serve on its own with some...
  13. medtran49

    Recipe Foil packet sausage, potatoes, cabbage and onions

    An easy meal. Packets can be made up the night before or early in the day, then just popped in the oven and cooked while you have time with the family, watch the TV, whatever you want. They can also be cooked on the grill with minimal attention, just flipping about every 15 minutes. Sour...
  14. Yorky

    Recipe Rumbledethumps pie

    Ingredients. For the rumbledethumps topping: 500 gm potatoes, cubed. 250 gms cabbage, shredded. 100 gms onions, finely chopped. A little milk and a pat of butter. Salt and pepper. Dried parsley. For the contents: Olive oil 500 gms minced (ground) beef. 400 gms onions, chopped. 150 gm carrot...
  15. flyinglentris

    Recipe Low Calorie Meal #1, Cayenne Peppered Cabbage

    Why pay $5.00 USD for Kimchee? It's well into Spring and the big bears have come out of hibernation. But for Human Beings, the Bear Clan stocked up on weight during those cold months and it's now time to shed those stored calories. BTW: 1 Food Calorie is actually 1000 scientific (chemo)...
  16. Dados1950

    Variations on a theme-Corned Beef & Cabbage Recipes

    I realize I'm a "day late and a dollar short" as the saying goes....but does anyone have an "outside the box" recipe for traditional corned beef & cabbage....didn't get to make this past St. Patty's looking for a change of pace.
  17. ElizabethB

    Recipe George's Tart Cabbage Slaw

    I have never been a fan of sweet slaw. George taught me how to make this. It was his Mother's recipe. Super simple. Ingredients Green cabbage - shredded White distilled vinegar Vegetable oil - we use Canola Oil or Peanut OIl Green Onions - whites and green - sliced Sea salt Fresh ground...
  18. epicuric

    Recipe Winter-Spiced Red Cabbage with Shallots

    Ingredients (To serve 4 as a side dish) 200g shallots 75g butter 600g red cabbage 275ml red wine 150g sultanas 50g soft brown sugar 2 sticks of cinnamon 1pod of star anise 3tbsps red wine vinegar 6tbsps redcurrant jelly Method Peel the shallots but leave them whole. Brown them in a heavy...
  19. Lynne Guinne

    Recipe Gołąbki ~ Polish Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

    To wit: softened cabbage leaves, stuffed and rolled with a meat mixture and sauced with a tomato product* Core a large cabbage, then steam or simmer it, pulling the outer leaves off as they soften. Do not let them get too soft - you don't want them to tear when you go to roll them. When cool...
  20. Elawin

    Recipe Cabbage and Mint Salad (Malfouf wa Na'na')

    Serves 4 as part of a mezze Ingredients: 1 white cabbage, very finely shredded 1 garlic clove, crushed (optional) Sea salt, to taste Juice of 1 small lemon 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp dried mint Aleppo pepper flakes, to serve (optional) Method: Put the shredded cabbage in a large...
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