1. LissaC

    How to care for an iron skillet

    I recently bought this skillet from Lidl. I seasoned it by heating it with oil, salt and an onion. It started looking like this after the first time I used it, I cleaned it with a rag, tried washing it but couldn't get rid of the burnt look. The second time I used it, the food that was in the...
  2. Termyn8or

    Cast Iron Cookware

    Easy right / Well until this; I do not want it backened. You know how they are all black ? Cast iron doesot ook ikethat, I have worked in foudries and can tell you this with authority. What I want is bare cast iron. A friend of mine had one and it cooked great. It is like the heat transfer is...
  3. E

    Induction Hob - Rectangular Cast Iron Griddle and Stir-fry Wok Recommendations

    Hello All, We have recently installed an induction hob (from a 5 burner gas). We have found that although we have a flat-bottomed wok and it does heat up very quickly because it is only heating the bottom area, we have found it takes longer to cook as the sides do not get any heat. Does anyone...
  4. Hungry Man

    Recipe & Video Simple Smash Burger on cast iron

    Ingredients (for 1 burger) : - 150 gr ground beef (20% fat) - burger buns (ideally brioche) - cheddar cheese ( I'd prefer good quality American cheddar) - onions - salt and black pepper for seasoning (optional) For the sauce: - 1 part mayo - 1 part ketchup - 1 part dijon mustard - 1/2 part...
  5. pocofan

    Cast Iron pizza pan

    Saw a Lodge cast iron pizza pan and I’m thinking I’m going to buy it. I currently use a ceramic. Any thoughts ?
  6. ElizabethB

    Cast Iron Restoration

    I have a number of cast iron pieces. Some are very old. I have a couple of skillets that belonged to my Paternal Grandmother. 100+ y.o. Other pieces that belonged to my Dad. G. has a saute pan, skillet and a huge dutch oven that belonged to his Dad. My pieces are as smooth as a babies...
  7. Dive Bar Casanova

    Always wanted a Ceramic Coated Cast Iron Dutch Oven

    6 Quart Lodge in Black Chrome, egg shell white inside. Found it online for $59 US/52 euros, free 2 day delivery that arrived in 6. Finally pulled the trigger and bought it. Inaugural meal was a homemade vegetable soup: 8 cups vegetable broth 4 russet potatoes cut into 2" pieces. 1 cup V8...
  8. FoodEnergetics

    cast iron cookware

    Hi guys, I'm planning to soon invest in various cast iron pans and have a few questions before I buy: - Are there any specifics to look for? I'm planning on buying a non-coated one that I'll season myself before first use, is there anything particular I need to consider before buying? - Do...
  9. Morning Glory

    Enameled Cast Iron Cookware

    Until recently, I've never got on well with enameled cast iron cook ware. My friend has a set of Le Creuset and I use that quite a lot when I stay with him. I find it is a bit heavy for me as I have arthritic wrists. However, as I've become more experienced as a cook I've grown to rather enjoy...
  10. Yorky

    Cast Iron Cookware - Seasoning

    Copied from another thread: I have seasoned a cast iron pan and a wok in the past. However, I did check on the net and the consensus appears to be "coat with a thin layer of vegetable oil and place in the oven upside down at 200 degC for 30 minutes. Then do it again and again, and again". I...
  11. Morning Glory

    Cast Iron

    On another food Forum :eek: there is currently a recipe challenge for which the theme is 'cooked in cast iron cookware' - this includes enamelled cast iron such as Le Creuset. I usually enter that recipe challenge (call me a traitor!) but this time round I can't. I haven't got any cast iron...
  12. N

    Old cast iron wok - question

    Hi Folks, I just registered here. I'll do an "introduction" post, but wanted to get this question out there. I've always loved cooking with woks and have spent many years searching for the perfect one (I have several). I recently found a cast iron wok in a "junk store" and grabbed it. It's...
  13. Anna Blush

    Do you lack iron?

    I am the type of person who tries to have everything in moderation but have recently noticed that I am more tired. I have been eating a lot more fruit ever since the hot weather started and have not been craving seafood or any kind of heavier food. I later found out that I am lacking iron and my...
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