1. medtran49

    Recipe Persian lamb stew

    I already had this dish on our menu before the potato challenge started because I've been trying to clean out our freezers and found 2 packages of large chucks of lamb of about 1.5 pounds each. So, I decided to post the recipe since the potatoes are placed so prettily and are a big part of the...
  2. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Bell Peppers Stuffed with Lamb, Cabbage, Onion, Za'atar, Topped with Labne

    I aim for a Middle Eastern taste profile here. The lamb came from a local farmer. Labne is a Middle-Eastern / Persian dairy product very similar to yogurt (it has cultures, and probably listens to Mozart when it can). I find this at a Persian market in the Connecticut River valley. It...
  3. Morning Glory

    Recipe Cheese stuffed lamb meatballs

    You could substitute any cheese you like here really. I used feta because I like the tangy saltiness with the sweet spicy lamb. Its an easy recipe (no chopping or frying). Serve with pasta or rice. Ingredients (serves 2) 300g minced lamb (20% fat) ½ tsp each of ground black cardamom, ground...
  4. Morning Glory

    Recipe Lamb stuffed aubergine involtini

    This recipe is easier than it looks, especially if you use a pre-made tomato sauce. Its also quite economical. In the UK lamb is quite expensive and in this recipe a little goes a long way. Serve with boiled rice and perhaps a crisp green salad. Ingredients (serves 2) 2 medium aubergines...
  5. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Papoutsakia: Greek Stuffed Eggplant / Aubergine

    Until I was surfing around in Pinterest, I had no idea that this dish is a “thing”. Being as I’m a sucker for stuffing food with other foods, here we go! Source: The meat stuffing can be made with ground (minced) lamb...
  6. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Greek Lamb Koftas

    Greek Lamb Kofta Ground beef is acceptable in this dish as well. Lamb is simply tastier. Ready for cooking. The lamb should hold onto skewers, whether metal or wood. Don’t over-manipulate. If you don't wish to do dairy for the dipping sauce, coconut yogurt works, too. Grilling on the...
  7. M

    Is there a right and a wrong way of cooking lamb here?

    Cooking lamb for my wife's bday. They had shoulder and leg in the supermarket and my mother in law said to get both. We both love to cook and obviously she has a lot more experience than me and her food is great just she is old fashioned. First thing I said was will the leg and shoulder not need...
  8. R

    Half leg lamb roast fast or slow

    Hi chaps, a bit of a treat for us in these testing times, we bought a half leg of lamb for easter, in the past I’ve slow cooked and ended up with nice flavourfull gravy and ‘dull’ meat or fast and ended up with chewy meat. A search on the internet seems split, I just wondered what you’re...
  9. Lamb Cheeseburgers with French Fries

    Lamb Cheeseburgers with French Fries

    Lamb Cheeseburgers with French Fries
  10. Morning Glory

    Recipe Greek style cabbage rolls with avgolemono sauce

    Delicate dill adds a delicious flavour to the lamb in these cabbage rolls and the sharpness of the creamy lemon sauce is perfect with lamb. This recipe is quite easy to make as there is no chopping required. Most versions of this Greek inspired dish use a mix of meat and rice for the stuffing...
  11. M

    Cooking a rack of lamb

    Hi all, Looking for some advice for a recipe I want to try but haven't had experience of. I've just bought 2 racks of lamb (already French cut, with the bones showing) from my butcher, both weighing around 500g each, just over 1kg in total and wondered what the cooking process/time should be...
  12. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Lamb Broth Soup with Brussels Sprouts

    I had so much luscious leftover lamb au jus from a previous leg of lamb dish, that I reserved it, and skimmed off the fat. I obtained about 2 cups worth of nicely gelatinized au jus, that I decided to make it into a soup. With Brussels sprouts. I don’t really care for the sprouts just...
  13. Lamburger with French Fries

    Lamburger with French Fries

    Lamburger with French Fries
  14. JAS_OH1

    Herbs for lamb chops?

    Okay, so I know a lot of people use mint with lamb. I am not a fan of mint with meats. I generally marinade my lamb chops with EVOO and fresh rosemary, roasted garlic, and oregano. I don't have any of those herbs (fresh) on hand ATM. What I do have is fresh garlic, sage and thyme. Does...
  15. B

    Ground Lamb - Ideas for preparation

    We were given several packs of frozen ground lamb. The farm is co-owned by Chef Thomas Keller of the French Laundry Restaurant and is advertised as high quality. Anyway, I do not eat lamb and the Mr. loves lamb. I don’t want to botch the preparation so I was thinking of making him lamb...
  16. Lamburgers with Cheese and French Fries

    Lamburgers with Cheese and French Fries

    Lamburgers with Cheese and French Fries
  17. Lamburgers, French Fries and Oktoberfest Märzen Bier

    Lamburgers, French Fries and Oktoberfest Märzen Bier

    Lamburgers, French Fries and Oktoberfest Märzen Bier
  18. Lamb Four Cheese Fettuccine

    Lamb Four Cheese Fettuccine

    Lamb Four Cheese Fettuccine
  19. Stewing/Kabob Lamb

    Stewing/Kabob Lamb

    Stewing/Kabob Lamb
  20. Hungry Man

    Patlican Kebabı - Turkish Lamb & Eggplant Kebabs

    Eggplant Kebabs View: Ingredients: 200 g leg of lamb (low fat) 600 g lamb flap (high fat) 1 kg eggplants (preferably thinner and long ones) 1 tsp black pepper 1 tsp chili flakes (optional) 2 tsp salt 1 tbsp butter 150 g green chilies 200 g tomatoes...
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