Recipe Baby Back Ribs with Dark Chocolate Rub and Dark Chocolate BBQ Sauce

Thank you for the warning...I suppose if I wanted to make "vanilla infused vodka", I'd take the vanilla beans out after a few days.

I have vanilla beans that I forgot about in the back of my pantry. They're bone dry, but it seems that this would be a perfect use for them.

I would probably go with a larger quantity of vanilla beans, for a much shorter time -- maybe a week or two (?). For infused vodka, it seems you would want to get the vanilla flavor in there quickly.

This may be good, I'm not doubting it, but for now, I think that I'll stick with the Lip-Smackin' BBQ Sauce. :whistling:
Does the vanilla extract keep its' flavour after being in liquid for 30 minutes?
I found that if I put it in water for a long period of time, the flavour is lost. Maybe the cider vinegar and tomato paste etc stopped that happening. According to this site it's better to add vanilla extract once you've turned off the heat. Perhaps the site is wrong or I've misunderstood.
What Happens If You Boil Vanilla Extract? (A Brief Guide) - Miss Vickie
My suggestion is: if you´re worried about vanilla extract losing its flavour, then buy a vanilla bean (which is actually tortological, because "vanilla" is a linguistic contortion of "vainilla" which means "sheath" or "pod" or "bean", in Spanish). Yes, whole vanilla pods are more expensive than the extract, but they´re a million times more potent in flavour.
What if I only want a quarter of half a bean for my recipe? What do I do with the rest of the open bean? I'm currently using 0.25tsp of vanilla extract. What percentage of a bean is this?
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