Recipe Superpower Stew (Beans, Barley, Chickpeas and Millet Stew)


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6 Mar 2021
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Zagreb, Croatia
Delicious creamy, healthy, rich stew, inspired by an old Croatian recipe named 'Ričet'. Originally the Ričet contains barley and beans. I added Millet and Chickpeas because I needed to use it, and love it. This stew is vegetarian/vegan, but you may add prosciutto, bacon, sausages, even meat if you want, as the original recipe does include bacon. You could also serve this stew as a side.

100 g dry beans
100 g dry chickpeas
150 g millet
100 g barley

The exact measurement is not vital. The given quantities are eye-measured, as I had open unfinished packs of all four ingredients, used up all there was.You may use as much as you want of each.

2 onions, (1 white, 1 red is what I used as that was what I had, you can use both white or both red, or shallot)
8 cloves garlic
3 celery sticks
oil for the pot
salt, pepper
stock (I used veg powder and boiling water, about 3 L)
* you may add carrot or other veges, I was out of carrots so did not use any, at the end, I actually preferred the stew as is, without the carrots.
** you may also want to add herbs, whichever you like and feel would combine well. I wanted the grainy flavour as much as possible to stay undisturbed, so added none. There are some grounded parsley leaves in the veg powder used for the stock, but almost udnetectable in the tasting.


  1. Soak the beans, chickpeas, millet and barley in cold water overnight. I used one large bowl for all four to soak in. Drain the water it soaked in before cooking.
  2. Sauté the chopped onion, celery and garlic in a generous pot. Season. If you use bacon, add bacon to the onion too, you may want to taste for salt, as bacon can be rather salty.
  3. Add the beans, chickpeas, millet and barley. Pour hot veg stock. Let cook on medium heat. It should constantly bubble up but not heavily.
  4. Stirr. When it starts to get thicker, be on guard and stir every minute, as the millet is cooked rather quickly, and weighs down heavily and may burn.
  5. Cook for about 2 hours. Keep adding the stock, cup by cup, every once in a while, as you notice it got somewhat thicker, and the beans and chickpeas have not been cookd through yet. Test whether beans and chickpeas are done.
  6. Meanwhile the millet and barley will thicken the stew beautifully on their own. The juices taste lovely on their own.






On the photo side are home-made pickled veges (red onion, green bell pepper, yellow tomato.


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18 Dec 2017
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I currently have in my dry beans inventory, black eyed Susans, black beans, garbanzos, red lentils and 15 bean soup mixed beans. I would like to add to that lima beans, but don't have them now.
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